Sure, Daria Was Great, But Tracee Ellis Ross' Jodie Is Bound To Be Better

PHoto: George Pimentel/Getty Images.
MTV has been teasing the return of Daria in some form for a while now, but the network's latest announcement is one step beyond a reboot. Their first idea, Daria & Jodie, has morphed into just Jodie and will feature Tracee Ellis Ross as the voice of the titular character who went to school with the cartoon '90s icon, and who will now be the first black woman in almost 20 years to lead an adult animated show.
Unlike its predecessor, which ran for five seasons between 1997 and 2002, Jodie picks up after high school, with the character entering the tech industry after college.
"What Daria did for exploring the inanity of high school, Jodie will do for exploring the trials and tribulations of a first job," MTV said in a statement. "Jodie will satirize workplace culture, Gen Z struggles, the artifice of social media and more.  With themes of empowerment across gender and racial lines, explorations of privilege, and a wicked sense of humor, “Jodie” marks the first adult animated sitcom to center around an African American female lead in nearly two decades.  At its heart, Jodie will shine a light on the personal and professional issues all young people face in today’s complex, socially-conscious world."
Ellis, who is an executive producer on the show, is reportedly part of a diverse cast of "unapologetically smart and ambitious young female characters" and, alongside Insecure writer Grace Nkenge Edwards, promises "a smart, funny workplace comedy full of commentary about everything from gentrification to sex to tech to call-out culture."
The official release date of Jodie has yet to be announced, but you better start planning your pizza watch party now.

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