A Brief Explainer On What Happened When A Woman Tried To Talk Over Beyoncé

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Beyoncé graced the Golden State Warriors with her presence last night, and even sat next to the owner of the Golden State Warriors and his wife, Nicole Curran. ESPN captured Beyoncé's attendance alongsider husband Jay-Z, and unknowingly launched a meme that blew up on Twitter and forced Curran to disable Instagram after receiving death threats.
In the video posted by the sports outlet, Beyoncé can be seen watching the game as Curran leans over to talk to Jay-Z. Seems innocent enough, but some people analyzed how Beyoncé's facial expression changes and believe it's the look of a woman on her very last nerve when it comes to small talk and socializing, and now it's become a whole thing between the two women.
First, watch the video:
Now take a closer look at Bey:
Then there's the fact that Beyoncé, uh, literally cropped Curran out of her Instagram post about the night.
So, of course, the hive started buzzing.
"I would leave the earth if Beyonce looked this ready to smack me," writer Kara Brown tweeted.
"Being next to Beyoncé and talking to Jay is homophobic," podcast host Ira Madison wrote.
"Beyonce: 'This Becky with the good hair bout to get her wig split,'" writer Josiah Johnson joked.
While other people pointed out that this picture was similar to an earlier snap of Beyoncé leaning over Jay-Z to talk to Jake Gyllenhaal, that didn't stop the Hive from finding Curran's Instagram and absolutely pummeling it with bees. BuzzFeed reported that all 113 photos on Curran's account had bees in the comments, which is likely what prompted Curran to turn off comments and post this message:
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We should all help and support each other.

A post shared by Nicole Curran (@warriornicole) on

"We should all help and support each other."
Unless Beyoncé comments on the incident, we'll never know what exactly was going through her head (Refinery29 has reached out to both Beyoncé and Curran). Unfortunately, the meme stops being funny when it escalates to harassment. One thing is certain though: If anyone leans over to talk to Simba in the upcoming Lion King movie, Nala will have something to say.

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