Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Sophie Turner's Trick To Acting: A Juul

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If you know the big spoiler in Dark Phoenix, then you know how emotional it probably was to film. However, there was another reason actress Sophie Turner was crying after the death of a major character, and it's because of her signature Juul.
Turner's Juul has kind of become a meme since she's so often photographed with it, and she even posted a picture of her in full Sansa Stark gear Juuling on the Game Of Thrones set (also, it's probably here that we should note that Refinery29 does not encourage Juuling or vaping, even if you're Queen Of The North). Costar Jennifer Lawrence revealed that Turner behaved no differently on the set of Dark Phoenix, and it was actually someone taking away Turner's Juul that allowed her to conjure such heavy emotions.
"I teared up a little bit watching Sophie in that scene," Lawrence said on Jimmy Kimmel Live about the emotional spoiler. "Her reaction to [the scene] was so raw. It was so honest and real and it's because she really was crying."
But she wasn't crying for the reason you may think.
"[Sophie's] dialect coach, right before the take, took her Juul away," Lawrence revealed. "She started genuinely tearing up. It was like, the performance of the year."
"It's how to act," Sophie added without missing a beat. "Take it away and then you give it back and that's happy and sad."
Dark Phoenix is the first time we'll see Turner on screen since her role as Sansa Stark, which is why audiences will need no additional help getting teary. That plus her recent wedding to Joe Jonas means feelings are at an all-time high, and there's one one thing that makes me feel safe, and it's of course this picture:
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