A Guide To Dark Phoenix's X-Men Characters & Their Powers

Photo: Courtesy of EPK.
It’s time for another X-Men movie, and it’s time for you to remember everything about all the X-Men characters and their powers that you probably forgot since the last one.
Though the likes of Charles Xavier and Magneto have been gracing the big screen for almost two decades now, the movies have featured a rotating door of different mutants coming in and out of each movie. While we’ve always had the same core group of mutants hanging around Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters — like Raven, Jean Grey, and Scott Summers — each new movie always introduces us to a few new faces with superhuman powers. And on top of that, we’ve often got new actors playing familiar characters which can make figuring out who’s who a little bit harder.
The Dark Phoenix cast is stocked with one Oscar winner, one Queen of the North, two actors from the upcoming It: Chapter 2, one almost-Batman, and an American Horror Story star, along with a few new additions to the ever-growing Mutant world (including the forever-teased Dazzler!). So if you’re in need of a refresher of everyone’s name, face, and powers, here’s who can do what with their mind and who's got the power to hit ya with photon blasts.

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