Seeing Elton John In Concert After Rocketman Is Gonna Cost You — A Lot

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.
Now that you’ve seen Taron Egerton play Elton John in Rocketman, you’re probably wondering how you can see Elton John perform in real life — because it’s one thing seeing it up on the big screen, and something completely different in a stadium. The good news is that Elton John is currently on tour right now. The bad news is that he has already been touring for a while and might have already passed through your city. Even worse? He might not be back ever again.
In early 2018, the musician announced that he would be retiring from touring, but before that would embark on one last trip around the world playing his music. The Farewell Yellowbrick Road Tour (a play on his seventh studio album and song of the same name, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road), would start in late 2018 and continue on for almost two years, well into 2020.
Writing on his website after the announcement of the farewell tour, John states, “It’s time to come off the road so I can fully embrace the next important chapter of my life...Performing live fuels me and I’m ecstatic and humbled to continue to play to audiences across the globe. I plan to bring the passion and creativity that has entertained my fans for decades to my final tour.”
Roughly an hour after the first batch of tickets went on sale for his farewell tour, 60 shows completely sold out, and John kicked off the tour on September 8, 2018.
Since then, he’s played over 50 different cities spanning both the United States and Canada. He’s more than likely been somewhere near you in the past nine months, and the good news is that he is coming back around to play some concerts again across the US, but he’s not returning to all of them.
The first leg of his tour ended at the beginning of May, and the second half of his tour has the singer in Europe — so good news if you’re in or around Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, or Munich. At the end of the year, he will be back in in the US but is only playing the biggest cities across the country, like Las Vegas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Boston. After that, John is off to Australia and then back to Europe, so if you miss his chance to see him on the next leg, you’re out of luck — unless you’re planning to travel far and wide to see him. He’s set to conclude his farewell tour on December 16, 2020.
And now that you’re ready to move mountains to see Elton John, just how much will a ticket set you back? You’re going to pay upwards of $250 or more, depending on your selected city: the cheapest in Nashville is $268, but the most expensive in Boston is $893. A seat on the floor in Milwaukee is currently going for $1,003, and that’s not even in the closest section to the stage.
Considering this is his final tour, if you really love Elton John that much, you're simply going to have to shell out the big bucks.

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