Bachelorette Golf Pro Garrett Seems Great, But He Has One Semi-Divisive Hobby

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
When he’s not on the green, he’s out on the dance floor. Or at least, this is what Bachelorette contestant Garrett “nice hair bro” Powell would have us think based on Garett's Instagram account. The Birmingham-based golf pro’s grid is unsurprisingly filled with photos and videos of himself in various poses on the golf course (sometimes putting, sometimes mid-swing, always in crisp golf attire), but scattered among the boxes of literal green, there are a handful of photos of Garrett in a suit.
And wouldn’t you know it? Those photos of Garrett in a suit are more often than not linked to a wedding reception of some sort. There’s a photo from October 2017, of Garrett with a huge smile posing next to the bride; two months later, there’s Garrett at yet another wedding, this time seemingly a family affair. A shot of Garrett with two rather good-looking individuals who appear to be his siblings cropped up in February 2018 (nice sweater/blazer combo, Garrett!), and by May of that same year, Garrett was at it again, toasting to his friends, the newlyweds.
All this points to a guy who’s as into spending time with loved ones as he is with getting his aggression out on the green, which is what every girl wants, right? Right on. But there’s more. A big part of Garrett’s backstory is that his sister-in-law signed him up for the show because she thought that he and the Bachelorette might actually have a lot in common (more than, say, their soft southern accents).
Which brings us to one of the notably different photos that stands out on Garrett’s grid, one that could make or break his chances with Hannah, depending on her thoughts on big game hunting.
The post in question, a photo taken back in November 2016, shows Garrett proudly posing next to the carcass of a deer (you can click over if you so choose to look). “Fun one today! Thankful for this animal and thankful for the meals he will provide,” he captioned the shot. In the photo, our Bachelor dude is all decked out in camo and coveralls, a far cry from the spotless golf gear and dapper suits that otherwise populate his Insta page.
Will Hannah get to know the small-town, country boy Garrett as the season progresses? Will she be able to (literally) see past his over-gelled hair? Time will tell, but in the meantime, it bodes well for our boy G that he looks pretty dang good in a suit. No comment on the camo, though.

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