Why Did Kim Kardashian Come For Jack In The Box On Twitter?

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When a young Kim Kardashian got the opportunity to helm a reality tv show, nobody could have predicted she’d turn the medium into an art form. From her humble beginnings as Carls Jr.’s model, Kim Kardashian has built herself into a pillar of pop culture. Now, the lawyer-in-training and mother of newborn Psalm West, has righteousness on her mind. So when Kardashian West addressed Jack In The Box in a tweet on Monday, we had to wonder if this is a simple customer complaint or if loftier moral matters were on the line.
Based on the subsequent tweets it would seem like something terribly wrong went down at Jack in the Box. Not bad enough to earn Jack In The Box a Twitter dragging, but serious enough to merit an overly-diplomatic and lawyerly tweet urging the fast food joint to respond, post-haste!
The “serious complaint” in question, while still unknown to the public, is definitely not about an order gone wrong but it was affecting other customers at a specific location and Kardashian West deemed it “concerning.” According to the celebrity’s latest Tweet, Jack In The Box was quick to respond and the situation is being handled.
What’s not obvious is why this played out on Twitter. Kardashian didn’t @ Jack In the Box’s Twitter account, instead relying on her followers to bring this to the fast-food joint’s attention. But now that the situation is being dealt with, there is little hope we’ll ever know what it was.
Deep thought: If your left hand uses its privilege and social capital to do a good deed in the forest, and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? Kim Kardashian is walking a thin line: Teetering between becoming an internet activist and just one bad haircut away from going full-on can-I-speak-to-the-manager.
Food brand Twitter has jumped on the opportunity to be especially loud. Wendy’s official Twitter account responded asking “but like, who even goes there?” and Steak-umm chimed it with a similar, “kim why are you going to jack in the box lol.”
In case you’re looking to give yourself permission to enjoy this, giggle in the comfort that Bad Feminist author, Roxane Gay is cackling with you.

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