Check Your Hot Tools: CHI Lava Hair Dryers Are Being Recalled Immediately

Check your hairdryers: All of CHI's new Lava Dryers are being recalled immediately. The brand issued a statement urging consumers to discontinue use of the hair-drying system due to an issue with the product's technology. "Effective immediately, Farouk Systems, Inc. is recalling the dryer from everyone we have either gifted or purchased," the brand says.
Makers of the hair dryer, which just launched back in March, have discovered fault with dryers that have been "dropped or hit repeatedly, resulting in cracks in the heating element." While CHI did not specify what happens when the Lava dryer is dropped or cracked, the brand did remind consumers of proper care for functionality. "Although such misuse by the user is warned against in the Owner’s Manual, things like this can still occur either by accident or lack of proper care," the statement reads.
As a result of the newly discovered glitch, CHI is asking that anyone with a Lava Dryer in their possession return it to them promptly. "Today, Farouk Systems, Inc. is asking that you immediately return the CHI Lava Dryer in your possession or notify anyone else that you might have passed it on to. We will provide all possible assistance to help with this process, including a pre-paid shipping label."
The brand has provided free shipping labels for consumers to make returns, and plans on replacing faulty elements with new technology, writing, "Once we have everything resolved, we will be happy to return the CHI Lava Dryer back to you with a new and improved lava/ceramic heating element at our expense."
Refinery29 has reached out to CHI for additional details on the recall and will update this post when we have more information.

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