Is The Cassandra Mystery On The Society Really Solved?

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Warning: Spoilers from season 1 of The Society are ahead.
Netflix’s latest original series, The Society, is full of twist after twist in one little town in Connecticut. Just when you think everything is starting to settle down for the kids in West Ham (which later becomes New Ham), everything is turned upside down again, and the perfect example of that lies with Cassandra (Rachel Keller).
After the group is stranded she becomes the de facto leader, taking charge to make sure things are done and everyone is safe. And then, suddenly, Cassandra is murdered and her death is a major driving force for the next few episodes. But the mystery of who the murderer is revealed awfully quickly, is there any mystery to who really killed Cassandra on The Society?

Did Dewey Really Kill Cassandra On The Society?

So… did Dewey (played by an actor who looks like Tom Holland's long lost cousin, Seth Meriwether) really kill Cassandra? He certainly admits it to Harry, and he’s found guilty of it, but there’s just something that seems completely off about the situation. All of this happens towards the beginning of the season, and I kept waiting for something else to unravel and point at another suspect in Cassandra’s death. Honestly, I kept waiting for Allie (Kathryn Newton) to have some big emotional breakdown and confess that she actually did it. At the end of the season (after she’s been arrested herself), she starts talking as if the power went to her head way too fast, and suggests to Lexie (Grace Victoria Fox) that this is how it happens. Did she find herself opposing her sister and looking for a way to take over with her out of the picture?
However, while it does seem like there should be more to the Cassandra murder mystery, it does seem as though it's solved and the series is moving on. At least until season 2 comes in and undoes everything.
But, her death does have major ramifications for just about everyone, and it’s a loss that’s going to be felt for some time to come. And even though it’s resolved, there still might be left to uncover.

Why Was Cassandra Killed On The Society?

It's revealed that Dewey — who, tbh, up until this point didn’t have much to add to the show — killed Cassandra in hopes of making Harry (Alex Fitzalan) happy. He tries to explain his reasoning by suggesting that Cassandra was the problem in West Ham, and that Dewey finally got Harry “some peace and quiet,” without her around.
To understand that, let’s back up to how we got to Cassandra’s death in the first place. After a strange smell suddenly wafts into West Ham, and the kids are sent off on a field trip and immediately return to do “rock slides,” they discover that everyone else is gone. They’re now the only ones remaining in West Ham. In order to keep some peace and stop everyone from falling into chaos, Cassandra steps up to lead everyone, and eventually, it’s decided that they’re still going to go through with prom — they’ve got the decorations and a cake, and everyone needs a morale boost, so why not?
While the prom goes off without a hitch, as Cassandra is cleaning up after the event she walks outside to get rid of some trash. She stops to pet a dog (the dog is alarming because it’s the only other living animal in the town, but that’s neither here nor there right now), and when she looks up someone is approaching her. We don’t see them, but Cassandra’s face says everything we need to know: She’s in trouble, and she’s not going to make it out alive. With a few gunshots, Cassandra falls to the ground and dies from her wounds.

What Cassandra's Death Means For The Society

What could become a whodunit for The Society turns into some douchey boy just trying to make another douchey boy happy. This, of course, sends Harry into a spiral and it doesn’t help that the person he decides to confide this in, Kelly (Kristine Froseth), is more pissed about it than forgiving. It eventually makes its way back to Allie, who has taken control of the town following Cassandra’s death. Knowing that what Dewey did is unforgivable, it’s decided a trial will take place to determine if he’s guilty or not. He’s later found guilty, and the punishment for his crime is death. In one of the most shocking scenes of the season, Dewey is executed by a firing squad as he begs them to spare his life.
Cassandra’s death has a nicely wrapped bow on it that’s maybe a little too neat at times. It appears to be a shut and closed case, but it wouldn’t be surprising at all if more details surrounding it starts to come out in season 2. (And is she dead in the real world? Whenever the kids travel back to their real home, will Cassandra still be dead?) Just because we seemed to get all the answers to this in season 1 doesn’t mean there aren’t more things to learn as we move forward in New Ham.

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