Pennywise Is Somehow The Least Scary Thing About It: Chapter Two

Photo: Courtesy of Warner bros Pictures.
Forget childish games, the reunited Losers Club will have to face some very adult scares in It: Chapter Two. The teaser trailer for the film adaption of Stephen King's most terrifying novel has officially dropped, and it's far more unsettling than the first film.
Based on King's 1986 novel, It, (which jumps back-and-forth between time periods) the film for It: Chapter Two jumps forward in time and follows grown-up Beverly (Jessica Chastain), Bill (James McAvoy), Ben (Jay Ryan), Mike (Isaiah Mustafa), and Eddie (James Ransone) as the return to their haunted hometown of Derry in search of answers about the monstrous "It."
As fans of the first movie know, It can be just about anything — but mostly is depicted as Pennywise the Dancing Clown (Bill Skarsgård), probably because most clowns are scary as hell even when they don't bite off a small child's arm from their hiding place in the sewer. However, in the teaser trailer for It: Chapter Two, Pennywise gets a run for his money.
An adult Beverly returns to her childhood home (the source of many a trauma) and meets the kind, elderly woman now living there. At least, that's who she thinks she's meeting with. It takes only a few strange interactions over tea (which includes a smile held for much, much too long) for Beverly to realize she is, once again, in the presence of evil. It becomes obvious that this woman is another manifestation of It when the woman notes her father's work in the circus — and Beverly discovers a picture of him as a makeup-free Skarsgård.
The elderly woman is soon naked and chasing Beverly around the apartment, which certainly seems like a throwback to King's novel The Shining, when writer Jack discovers an old, decaying woman in the bathtub of the Overlook Hotel's infamous Room 237. Callback or not, it's scary as hell. So much so that we may forget all about that dancing whatshisname.
Check out the trailer below. It: Chapter Two hits theaters September 6, 2019.

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