Could You Beat Billie Eilish At This Office Trivia Quiz?

Photo: MTV/TRL/Getty Images.
There is no bigger Office fan than Billie Eilish, and even literal Office character Dwight Schrute was impressed. Okay, technically it was Rainn Wilson, who played the character on the long-running NBC show, who showed up at Eilish's house courtesy of Billboard to quiz her on trivia that would stump even the most dedicated fan of The Office.
Because Eilish is beyond dedicated to The Office — she's seen it twelve times.
"I actually watch it on my phone," she told Wilson as she welcomed him into her house. "As soon as I wake up, and when I brush my teeth, and when I go to the bathroom, when I take baths and shit."
So, yes, she knows the most obscure Office trivia, such as: "What does Michael order while out with the insurance-selling mafia man?"
Gabagool, of course. That answer was no problem for Eilish (or as Wilson calls her, "William Eyelash"), who was also able to answer the name of Toby's daughter (Sasha) and of Jan's candle company (Serenity By Jan).
And when it came time for her to match the quote to the character? That's when Wilson was really impressed. The 17-year-old routinely cut him off to name the character before he had even finished saying their line, but perhaps the most important question she answered is which of her hit songs she wrote for Dwight Schrute ("Ocean Eyes," of course).
Watch the full quiz below, and see how you compare to the reigning queen of The Office.

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