Halsey Twinned With BTS For Their BBMAs Performance & Fans Seriously Can't Deal

Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images.
There were a lot of huge musical moments at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday night, but one of the biggest didn’t happen until the end of the night. When BTS and Halsey performed their song “Boy With Luv” on the Billboard stage, fans were more than ready to see the South Korean band live, and it definitely didn’t disappoint — and even though Halsey’s music style is certainly different than theirs, she managed to fit right in.
In fact, Halsey went the extra mile and even twinned with BTS on the BBMA stage. Every bit of Halsey’s contribution to the performance was right there on BTS’ level, from her wig to her suit to her choreography, because seriously, she didn’t miss a beat. Just look at her (below) — she may as well already be in the band.
Fans definitely took notice, with @aaaaamoy_ tweeting, “HALSEY IS THE 8TH MEMBER,” and others marveling over Halsey’s major choreography skills. “Halsey was so good omg. She sang and did the choreo so in sync with them!!” @orbitloonaz tweeted.
One fan, @_InMaxWeTrust — who’s a Korean American who’s from New Jersey, just like Halsey — felt represented by seeing them both on stage, tweeting, “I feel like as a Korean American from New Jersey I have to love the @bts_bighit / @halsey song. I dig it.” He wasn’t the only one who felt that way, either. “BTS and Halsey’s entire performance was for the bisexuals don’t get it twisted,” @awjiminie tweeted.
Halsey has become an icon for opening up about her bisexuality, and making it a part of her music, while BTS have been LGBTQ advocates in South Korea, where that stance is unfortunately considered to be controversial.
It was also hard to ignore the chemistry that Halsey and BTS had on stage — between the dancing and the singing, it looked like they’d been performing together for a lot longer than just this awards show, and it didn’t go unnoticed by fans. People were especially over the moon for this friendly kiss:
And in general, there was just a lot of love for BTS and Halsey — and in all caps to boot. One fan was excited about how awesome the performance was from BTS, but also how well Halsey was able to keep up. “BTS DELIVERED YET AGAIN, HALSEY EFFORTLESSLY KEPT UP WITH THEM DURING THE DANCING AND ARMY'S SNAPPED WITH THE FANCHANTS,” @MareOT7 tweeted.
“BTS and Halsey is that attractive unproblematic group of friends in high school that everybody liked and voted the best superlatives for,” @balencihoya tweeted.
Between that, and the friendship bracelets the singer got for the band, it sounds like another collab between Halsey and BTS is in order. An yeah, I think it's safe to say that fans would be on board.

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