A Primer On Lisa Vanderpump & PK's Friendship, Since Not Even The Housewives Understand It

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When Dorit Kemsley joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in season 7, Dorit's husband, PK, also joined the show, and he really made himself known. Like, too known. (Remember “pantygate”?) And now, after cooling off a bit, PK is back in on the action, thanks to the falling out between Dorit and Lisa Vanderpump, who PK has been friends with for a long time. Their connection isn’t always totally clear on the show, and now, even the Housewives are confused. So here's how Dorit, PK, Lisa, and Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd, all fit together.

How Dorit Kemsley & Lisa Vanderpump Met

When Dorit first joined the show, it was because of her connection to Lisa. In a clip posted on, both women explain how they met each other. “I met Dorit at a wedding of a very good friend of ours’ daughter,” Lisa says. Dorit then does an impression of Lisa telling her, “Dahhhling, what are you doing? We’re on an island. You don’t have your hair done.” Things took off from there, and they both really sing each other’s praises in the video. It’s kind of a bummer to see now, knowing how things turned out.
In addition to the video, Dorit wrote in her first Bravo blog, “Both Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd are very good friends of my husband and I, and we try to get together socially at least once a week for dinner.”

Did Lisa Vanderpump Know PK Before Dorit?

While Dorit and Lisa have explained specifically how they met, Lisa and Ken have known PK longer than they’ve known Dorit. (Perhaps Dorit was at that wedding on an island with PK, dahhhling.)
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During season 8 of RHOBH, when Lisa and Dorit were in a fight, Lisa said, “I love you — mainly on the strength of loving your husband and wanting to love you and make it right.” The comment seemed pretty cold, but Dorit later spoke about Lisa's PK comment with E! News and said she could understand where it was coming from.
“Lisa and I have a great friendship, but I've only known her a short amount of time compared to how long she's known my husband — and they go way back,” she told E! News “And all of their friends have known each other for, like, 30 years. So, they have a very different relationship and friendship."

How Do Lisa Vanderpump And PK Know Each Other?

PK, Ken, and Lisa are all English, and they met back in their home country before they all ended up in LA. Radar Online notes that in the same episode as the “strength of loving your husband” comment, Lisa said in a confessional, “[PK] is right in the middle of a whole group of friends who we all go back years in England and Europe and I don’t want anything to rock that boat.”
This explains why PK and Ken have also been so concerned in recent episodes about Lisa and Dorit getting along. In last week’s episode, PK talked about a phone call he had with Ken in an effort to patch things up. And, in this week’s episode, the four all meet for lunch at Pump. In the car on the way over, PK tells Dorit, “Ultimately, I’d like you two ladies to try to find a compromise, so we can go back to enjoying our friendship.”
Unfortunately, that didn’t end up happening. Dorit still isn’t speaking to Lisa — nor is the rest of the RHOBH cast — and neither is PK. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live in February, Dorit said, “PK and I go through everything together. I’m not speaking to her, neither is he.”
It’s sad to think about how these two couples’ friendships fell apart. But I guess if one of you is accused of leaking gossip about the other’s dog adoption to a tabloid, then that’s exactly what happens.

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