The Dirt On Which Game of Thrones Actors Are Dating, Married, & Single

Photo: Mark R. Milan/GC Images.
Game of Thrones has gone on to create some truly epic couples throughout its eight-season run. (Heck, a lot of people are still rooting for Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen to stay together and they’re aunt and nephew!) But as much fun as is it to root for these dynamic duos, who the Game of Thrones cast is dating in real life is almost just as interesting, if not more so. Because just like their on-screen counterparts, these actors deserve some love too!
The Battle of Winterfell episode is set to air on Sunday night and most likely result in many lives being lost — including characters we’ve come to truly care about. So before the bloodbath begins and we all collectively find ourselves trapped in a glass case of emotion, let’s spend these last few hours together thinking about love. If nothing else, this will help remind us that while many of these characters won’t be getting the happy ending they deserve, at least the real-life actors aren’t doomed to the same fate. In fact, many of them are in loving relationships that would put Grey Worm and Missandei’s romance to shame. (Just kidding, they’re adorable and cannot be beat.)

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