Maisie Williams Is Scared Of Her Family's Reaction To Her GOT Sex Scene

Photo: courtesy of HBO.
Maisie Williams had her first sex scene on Game Of Thrones this past Sunday, and people had a lot of thoughts. Mostly, viewers had to wrap their heads around the fact that a character we met as a child is now almost fully grown, and is a teenager who now does teenage things like have sex. But however we felt watching it on screen does not compare to Williams, who didn't just have to cope with the whole world watching her love scene — but specifically, her family watching her love scene.
"if u feel uncomfortable just know that my mother and my step dad and my 2 sisters and my 4 brothers have all probably watched this too," she wrote on Twitter Tuesday afternoon, adding, "ahahakillmeehehe"
With that in mind, it's obvious this wasn't something Williams entered into lightly. There are a lot of options when it comes to TV sex scenes, including using a body double, and Williams told Entertainment Weekly that she wanted to be thoughtful about how much she showed.
“David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] were like: 'You can show as much or as little as you want,’” she told EW. "So I kept myself pretty private. I don’t think it’s important for Arya to flash. This beat isn’t really about that. And everybody else has already done it on the show, so…"
Plus, the moment wasn't just about the sex, but about Arya's acceptance that the end is likely near as she, her family, and their allies face the wrath of the White Walkers.
“It was really interesting because it’s a very human relationship for Arya,” she told the outlet. “This is something she’s stayed away from, an emotion we’ve never really seen her engage with. David and Dan were like, ‘It’s the end of the world, what else would you have her do?’ This may be is a moment where Arya accepts death tomorrow, which she never does — ‘Not Today.’ So it was that moment where she says, ‘We’re probably going to die tomorrow, I want to know what this feels like before that happens.’ It’s interesting to see Arya be a bit more human, speak more normally about things people are scared of.”
And the thing people are probably most scared of? Their parents watching them have sex. At least we know Williams' on-screen sister, played by Sophie Turner, loved it.

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