Did Beau End Up Proposing To Stassi After The Vanderpump Rules Finale?

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When it comes to big life updates from reality stars — engagements, pregnancies, breakups, marriages — it’s rare to have to wait to watch their show to find out something happened. If a couple gets engaged, we find out on Instagram, and then we see how the proposal really went down a few months later when it airs on TV. But, in the case of a couple of Vanderpump Rules stars, it seems like we might have missed something. Are Stassi and Beau engaged?
The season 7 finale hints at an engagement, but let’s take a deeper look. The finale is all about Jax and Brittany’s engagement party that they have been planning for literally the entire season. In the episode, Lisa Vanderpump and Beau are shown talking to each other at the party and Lisa says, “You’re going to ask her to marry you, aren’t you?” Beau nods in response and says he is, but not in a way that screams “I’m asking her right now!” Also, in the second to last episode, while shopping for wedding dresses with Brittany, Katie told Stassi, “I think you’re next” in reference to getting married. The clues are there, but has anything happened since production wrapped?

Are Stassi & Beau Engaged?

It seems unlikely simply because we haven’t heard anything about it. Sure, the season finale preview teases the idea a little, but if one of the main cast members of Vanderpump Rules got engaged, you'd probably see some headlines about it, and it would probably happen on the show. If Beau and Stassi are secretly engaged, it would make for an exciting Vanderpump reunion twist for sure (the three-part special taped in March), but the show would be doing things much differently than it has been in the past.
On top of that, Jax and Brittany’s engagement party was last August, so if Stassi and Beau got engaged shortly after Beau revealed his intent at the party, that means they would have kept it a secret for months. That would be hard to do, considering the news could have been leaked (and that Stassi posts an on Instagram stories far too often to be able to hide something like an engagement).
And is it turns out, there isn’t really any evidence to support that they betrothed. There was speculation back in November that they were engaged because of a ring Stassi was wearing in an Instagram video, but her rep told In Touch that they weren’t. Stassi and Beau both post about each other on social media all the time, and they seem very happy, but there’s been no posts captioned, “I’M ENGAAAAAAGED” to quote one soon-to-be Mrs. Jax Taylor.

Will Stassi & Beau Get Engaged On Vanderpump Rules?

Stassi has said that when she does get engaged, she wouldn’t mind the proposal being shown on Vanderpump Rules. She told Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast in March, “I think that's what my life is now. I think we've given up so many of our precious moments and these are all my best friends that [it] is what it is. We've now committed to sharing all of our moments and I think it's just as special to be able to share that with everyone now than if I were to have that privately."

But, Wait, Beau & Stassi Are Def Getting Married Someday, Right?

And pretty much all of the cast is in agreement that — on TV or not — Stassi will be the next one to get engaged. That said, while Lala Kent thinks they’ll get engaged, too, she did tell Us Weekly that she thinks Stassi and Beau have a baby first. “I just see that in her future. Because I don’t think they have any plans to get engaged and start planning a wedding, but she wants a baby and so does he, so who knows," she told the mag. We also saw Stassi meet Beau's mom this season and as long-time fans know, there's something that's just different about this boyfriend. Just go rewatch that finale scene in which Lisa looks at these two looking all kinds of in love and melts. Beau kind of perfect for Stassi.
And who knows if Lala will magically be right, but she's at least halfway there: Beau and Stassi are currently without rings or a wedding date. For now, anyway.

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