Stassi & Beau From 'Vanderpump Rules' Are Still Together — Here Are The Receipts

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After a rather rocky ending to the fifth episode Vanderpump Rules Season 7, “Ice Queens,” fans were left wondering if Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark are still together — and for good reason. Stassi and Ariana Maddox had a huge winter-themed joint-birthday party (sans James, of course), and in the end, Stassi was left feeling a little left out in the cold with a blowout on the horizon, according previews for season 7's upcoming sixth episode, “Love Thy Mother.” But Beau and Stassi shippers shouldn’t lose heart; it just looks like things are going to get worse on the show before they get much, much better.
Last we saw Stassi, she was birthday partied out and ready to go to bed, but it seemed Beau was not. She can be seen texting and calling him from their bedroom while he lingers on at her party into the wee hours. Stassi leaves voicemails asking if “everything’s okay” while the show cuts to video of Beau having fun with an ice shot luge. And just like that, hours after saying she’d no longer have “meltdowns” at age 30, Stassi ended the episode in a bit of a panic over what she perceives to be Beau ignoring her. Luckily, things are looking up for the couple now.
In a December 2018 interview on Bravo’s Daily Dish Podcast, Stassi and Beau explained the moment in more depth (and divulged that she wasn’t the only person crying that night, despite what was shown during the episode). “I just can't help myself,” she said on the podcast. “When I get super hammered, I just can't help it.” Beau agreed that “those moments were probably the worst.” Stassi went on to add that she feels awful about the whole thing. “I can be a bully when it gets to, like, late at night,” she said. “Everyone's starting to call it the 'dark passenger;' once the clock strikes midnight, it's like something comes over me and I want to go to bed, I'm done, I'm demanding him go to bed with me, and he's a social butterfly so he likes to be out and around my friends, and it's like I'm Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or some shit.”
But, there are clear skies up ahead because Stassi and Beau are going strong at the start of 2019. They went to Lala Kent and Randall Emmett’s engagement party on Dec. 16, traveled to Paris on Dec. 21, and were in Stassi's hometown of New Orleans for Christmas.
Later, in a very sweet New Year’s post on Dec. 30, Stassi expressed how well this past year has treated her, pointing specifically to meeting Beau. “I saw a double rainbow (not pictured) & got with him this year. So, I’m not tooooo mad at 2018,” she wrote. Getting “with him” of course, refers to the time the couple made it official via social media on Valentine’s Day by sharing the details of their festivities, which included “bloodied” candy boxes and a murder-themed dinner (aka Stassi’s favorite campy theme).
Alas, despite the fiasco that’s about to go down in Monday night's “Love Thy Mother,” Beau seems to have proven that he’s here to stay for all the good times and the bad. “You just stick with it,” he said on The Daily Dish podcast, lovingly comparing his spat with his sweetheart to a hurricane followed by a sunny day. So, Vanderpump fans, just hang onto these Insta-receipts tightly when things get rough during the morning-after conversation that's coming our way. It gets better — we promise.

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