The Cast Of Netflix's Selling Sunset Seems Super Optimistic About Season 2

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It’s not even been a month since Netflix released its first-ever docu-soap series and fans of the real estate-based drama are already clamouring for Selling Sunset season 2. The eight-episode first season follows the women of The Oppenheim Group — Mary, Christine, Maya, Heather, Davina, and new addition Chrishell — as they navigate the competitive L.A. real estate market, and the messy web of interpersonal, interoffice relationships that makes for such decadent TV drama. And according to one of the women, more episodes are not entirely out of the question.
Christine, the ostensible queen bee, has it out for Chrishell from the get-go, making passive-aggressive comments about the new girl from day one (“She can sit on the floor until she proves herself,” she says at one point). By the end of the series (spoiler alert), the pair have a showdown of epic proportions that ends with a half-hearted hug and a reconciliation of sorts. Importantly, this leaves the door open for the possibility of a second season of Selling Sunset, which several of the show’s cast, but notably Chrishell, has hinted at.
When Chrishell’s husband, This Is Us actor Justin Hartley, was a guest on the April 10 episode of The View, co-host Meghan McCain took the opportunity to ask Chrishell, who was in the audience, about the fate of the series.
“Are you still at the Oppenheim Group, and is there going to be a [Selling Sunset] season 2?” the self-proclaimed superfan asked. Chrishell responded candidly, telling McCain and the audience, “I am still there. Everyone watch, because we’re still waiting to hear from Netflix if we get the go on Season 2. But it looks like — it looks like it’s going really well.”
Mary, who is perhaps most commonly referred to as the 37-year-old real estate agent with the 25-year-old fiance, also took to Instagram earlier this month to answer a fan’s query about whether or not Selling Sunset's second season is in the works. “We hope so!!!” she wrote. “It’s looking promising for season two! Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed yet though … so everyone please keep watching!”
Divello, who also created The Hills (so he’s got the formula for on-screen blonde hair flips and drama down pat) recently told Variety that though there are no guarantees for season 2 just yet, he’s thankful that Netflix took a chance — and he’s optimistic about a renewal. “We pitched it and Netflix was gracious enough to pick it up and order eight episodes,” he said. “I think this is the first docu-soap for Netflix. It’s going to be fun to see how it does.”
Here’s to hoping that Netflix does opt to push ahead with a second season, because at present, the number of questions that fans are left with following the season finale are many: Do Chrishell and Christine become friends after their big blowup? Will Mary and Romain make it down the aisle? How will Maya handle motherhood? And, most importantly, will Justin ever make a guest appearance on the show? Time will tell!

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