The Unsung Stars Of KUWTK Are The Kardashians' Beloved Camera Crew

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On Sunday, yet another season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians kicks off on E!, and after more than a decade on the air, it’s safe to say that the family has gotten pretty close with the me and women who make up their filming crew. After all, how could they not? They’ve been there for the births of all of their children, their weddings, their breakups and divorces — they’ve seen it all. So it’s no surprise that when the family speaks out about the KUWTK camera crew, they have plenty of positive things to say.
It’s hard to imagine what being followed by cameras most of the time is like unless it’s happened to you, and for most of us, that doesn’t apply. But for Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and the rest of their family, it’s just part of their daily life, and for the little ones in their family, it’s all they’ve ever known. For 16 seasons, they’ve spent a lot of time with these people, and they’ve been there through good times and bad, even for the stuff that’s only seen the cutting room floor.
Here’s what the Kardashian-Jenner family has had to say about their camera crew. Spoiler alert: It’s almost all good things

The crew knew Khloe was pregnant before almost anyone else

When Khloe was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in January 2018, she admitted that the camera crew was among the first to know that she was expecting her first child, because Tristan Thompson was out of the country when she found out she was pregnant and she wanted to wait until he was back to tell them together — but that didn’t mean the cameras stopped rolling in the meantime.
“I’ve known the crew since 2007. We’ve had pretty much essentially the same crew,” Khloe said. “They’ve been a part of so much, the best and the worst, in our lives — and they keep quiet.”

Mason has a special nickname for the crew

According to what Kourtney said on the show’s tenth anniversary special, Mason calls the crew the “filmers,” and sometimes he’s really excited to see them and sometimes he’s just kind of over it.
“Mason calls [the crew] the filmers,” Kourtney said, via People. “He used to be like, ‘Are the filmers coming? I want to show them my Legos that I’m building.’ Now he’s in a phase where he’s like, ‘I don’t like when the filmers are over.’”

Kendall Jenner said things get pretty emotional at times

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2017, Kendall admitted that the crew will sometimes cry with them if something particularly emotional is being filmed, which makes sense, considering the amount of history they have with the family.
“We have such a personal relationship with the crew,” she said. “When one of us cries on the show usually you'll look around and the camera guy is crying and the producer is crying.”

But she’s also not afraid to say "no" when she needs to

When Kendall was younger, there was a time she didn’t want the crews around: When she was doing her homework. As she said in a post on her now-defunct app in September 2017, she had to learn to set boundaries with the crew, and it worked.
"When Keeping Up started filming, I specifically remember running around our cottage-y style house in green jeans and a white polo shirt," Kendall said on the app, according to ZM Online. "I was doing my homework and the crew was filming me. I said something like: 'Just leave me alone, this isn't even entertaining!'"
From then on, she’d just go in her room and close the door, and she could count on having her privacy.

Kim has enlisted the crew for a little extra selfie help

When Kim strained her wrists, her doctor asked her not to take selfies anymore, and part of an episode of KUWTK included her asking a crew member named Paxy to help her take selfies, which included Paxy posing at the correct angle to make it look like the photos were actually taken by Kim. At the time, it was a solid example of how far the crew is willing to go in the name of duty to the Kardashians… and it’s probably why they speak so highly of the crew members in their interviews.
As long as there is KUWTK, it seems like the same camera crew will remain. Maybe we’ll see more of them this season like we did of Paxy? Only time will tell.

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