Are We Ready For A Queer Eye-Marie Kondo Crossover Show?

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
What does peak domestic bliss look like?
We can picture it already: a two-hour special where we watch a hero go through the motions of the Queer Eye episodes we’ve grown to love, with Marie Kondo reminding us to keep only what sparks absolute joy. We’d wake up the next day swathed in delicious West Elm throws under the shade of trusty fiddle leaf ficus, not a single misplaced item in sight!
On Monday evening, four members of the Fab Five went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk season 3 when the conversation turned to the queen of mindful organization herself, Marie Kondo.
The present Fab Five members reacted as any Konmari method fan would: Tan France said he’s prays for it. Antoni announced that there’s room for everyone. And Karamo confirmed that the love for Kondo runs deep.
And while Bobby Berk was MIA, JVN assured us that their's would be a match made in housekeeping heaven, saying that Bobby: “taught me that everything in my house needs to be designed, like, in the room, like based off your favorite objects.”
“And then Marie, honey!” he continued, “she taught me to just like, get rid of all that doesn’t spark our joy.” Consider our joy sparked. Whatever blessed home is chosen for the crossover will need to immediately apply for historical landmark status.
Right now, this is all just a hope and there are no known efforts in the works to make this dream crossover a reality. Do we have anyone akin to a congressional rep over at Netflix we can all call to get this show on the road?
Folks on Twitter considered a more aggressive approach:
With the Fab Five set to premiere a 4-episode special in Japan, ahead of the show's fourth season, it’s only right that Marie Kondo be invited to join. Now we just need a seventh member that helps heroes deal with their credit scores.
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