Did All Of RHOBH's LVP Drama Manage To Unite Teddi & Dorit?

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It’s been made abundantly clear that no one from the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is friends with Lisa Vanderpump following the Adopted Dog Drama turned Lisa Vanderpump Is Orchestrating This Entire Show By Turning Everyone Against Each Other Drama that is driving the current season. But, what about the relationships between the other Housewives? After all this Lisa drama, are Teddi Mellencamp and Dorit Kemsley friends? They are both major players in the saga and weren’t exactly close going into this season, but did the dog thing bond them together?
Well, it seems that Teddi and Dorit are cool with each other, and, really, it seems that everyone is generally cool with each other — probably because all of their focus has been on not being cool with LVP. It would make sense, though, if Teddi and Dorit weren’t on the same page, based on what happens in this week’s episode.
The Set-Up
As shown in the new RHOBH episode preview, Lisa Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd, have a print out of some text messages between Vanderpump Dogs event planner John Blizzard and Teddi, courtesy of Blizzard. In their conversation, Teddi says, “Have the dog there and I can say it looks like Dorit’s dog.” This seems to be referring to Teddi, Kyle, and LVP’s filmed visit to Vanderpump Dogs, which was shown in the first episode. In this scene, Kyle found out about Dorit giving up the dog for the first time because the dog was, in fact, there.
These text messages show that Teddi was also planning some drama behind the scenes by conspiring with Blizzard to bring the dog storyline to the forefront. And this is something Teddi has admitted to.
Teddi's Defense
In a Bravo blog entry titled, “I’m Not a F---ing Liar, Ken!” Teddi puts forth a long list of bullet points about the situation, including that she did originally participate in some sort of scheme to put the Dorit dog story out there, but soon felt that LVP was using her and things weren’t turning out as she expected. Some notable bullet points include:
1. “Yes, I originally agreed to be a part of this mess and asked John Blizzard to have the dog there. I wasn’t just going to bring it up out of thin air.”
2. “They wanted to make sure I didn’t tell Kyle as they wanted her to find out in person.”
3. “There were a lot of calls and texts as the Johns (Blizzard and Sessa) figured out the ‘plan’ with LVP and I waited for her instructions.”
4. “I am now angry at myself for going along with something designed to hurt Dorit, especially when the dog's well-taken care of. I am also angry that LVP would play against my hard feelings with Dorit. That is why this has become about something other than the dog. Had Vanderpump just admitted she was upset with Dorit and wanted the story out there, this would all be put to rest.”
But there is much, much more, and Teddi makes clear that while she played a role, she believes LVP is the big problem here and that what she was doing was worse. Teddi's full blog entry can be read here.
The Effect Of The Drama On Dorit
As for Dorit — who was just trying to live her life and adopt a dog and get rid of it and then adopt another dog and also get rid of it — she has written some Bravo blogs about the situation, too. In one called “It Hurt Me to the Core and Brought Me to Tears” she wrote, “Judging by what Kyle and Teddi are saying, Lisa V may have counted on Kyle and Teddi (with whom I’ve had differences with in the past) to carry out her plan of either punishing me or simply trying to make me look bad. But I guess that remains to be seen.”
Teddi & Dorit Now
Basically, every piece of evidence points to the fact that Teddi and Dorit are fine, because they realized that LVP was a bigger issue. That said, Dorit and Teddi aren’t BFFs who are sharing photos of themselves hanging out together all the time, but there have been some social media posts involving both of them.
On March 12, Teddi posted an Instagram of herself riding horses with Dorit and Erika (above). And on March 5, Dorit retweeted a video Teddi posted of an old RHOBH reunion that she seems to believe shows a connection between something LVP said in the past and how she’s acting now. Also, in another of her Bravo blogs, Dorit complimented Teddi and her accountability coaching business.
It’ll be interesting to see where Dorit and Teddi’s relationship goes as the season continues. Lisa stops filming with the group at some point, so maybe these two fill the LVP-shaped hole in each other’s hearts.

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