Who Is This John Blizzard That Teddi Won't Stop Talking About On RHOBH?

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Denise Richards might be the new Housewife on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but so far, two other, wonderfully named new additions have played more of a role in the drama: a dog named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice and a Vanderpump Dogs employee named John Blizzard. While there’s probably not too much more to know about Lucy that hasn’t been said, RHOBH’s John Blizzard is, well, a human, so there is plenty more to be curious about when it comes to him.
Blizzard first appeared on this season during the premiere when Lisa Vanderpump, Teddi, and Kyle showed up to Vanderpump Dogs. In this scene, we were introduced to Lucy, the dog Dorit adopted from the rescue center, but gave away to a new owner. Lucy was later returned to Vanderpump Dogs from a shelter when the new owner got rid of her. John Blizzard was not the one carrying Lucy — that was John Sessa, the executive director of Vanderpump Dogs — but he was there. Blizzard’s job title was shown as “Event Planner, Vanderpump Dogs.”
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While Sessa did most of the talking during this scene and was “pissed” about what happened with Dorit’s former dog, Blizzard plays a key role in the show. Teddi explains in the episode that she’d gotten to know him through doing charity events with Vanderpump Dogs and that he called to tell her about Dorit and Lucy.
This seemed normal to her… for a while. It wasn’t until the cast’s Bahamas trip in Episode 3 that things took a turn. During the trip, Lisa Rinna found out about the dog situation and came to the conclusion that LVP was using her Johns as minions to manipulate Teddi and Kyle. By having Sessa and Blizzard tell the women about what happened, LVP could continue claiming she didn’t want to talk about it while still stirring up drama. This theory is very Lisa Rinna, but it also seems like pretty much everyone is going to end up agreeing with it, since no one is on good terms with LVP right now. In Episode 4, you can expect this exact drama to escalate... and for Blizzard's name to be dropped approximately 1000 times.
As for who this guy at the middle of a Real Housewives conspiracy theory really is… um, he’s just a young dude who plans events and is into politics.
Blizzard's Linkedin shows that he graduated from Pepperdine University in 2017 and was a Poli Sci and Government & Public Relations major. As for his connection to LVP, he’s worked at Vanderpump Dogs since 2016.
But while Blizzard is now part of the show, he’s really not about the drama. Back in February, he posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “Calm before the storm... #RHOBH #ImActuallyANicePerson #DontJudgeMe #TVShowsAreScary.” (Cryptic, much?) Other that that, he hasn’t referenced the dog situation. Most of Blizzard's tweets are about politics, and his Instagrams are pretty run of the mill, save the appearance of a Bravo star here and there. (He seems to be friends with some of the Vanderpump Rules crew.)
Blizzard’s life seems pretty fun, overall: He hangs out with dogs, he goes to the beach, he parties with Bravolebrities, and he fills the gaps by voicing his opinions about the President. It’ll be interesting to see how else he comes into play on this season of the show. Who knows, maybe he’ll set himself up for a Vanderpump Dogs spinoff series.

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