Colton Underwood & The Fence Finally Did The Damn Thing

Photo: ABC/Eric McCandless.
It finally happened — no, Colton Underwood didn't lose his virginity, but another much-teased moment from this season of The Bachelor did finally go down on Monday night. From the beginning, viewers saw that at some point, somewhere, somehow, Underwood was going to get so frustrated with the trials and tribulations of being the Bachelor that he was gonna jump the fence of the filming location and split. After weeks of waiting (and disappointment when no fence-jump occurred), Underwood did the damn thing (#tbt to Becca Kufrin) and fence-jumped for the world to see.
Naturally, everyone's next question is: why? What prompted him to literally try to escape the Bachelor cast and crew (something I'm actually surprised hasn't happened before) and be free? Well, don't worry, because the show gave not one but two different exclusives all about that moment, starting with Good Morning America.
"I needed to get away," he told GMA in a segment that aired Tuesday morning. "And ... just figure things out, and try to figure things out."
And over on People, the outlet has a sneak-peek of Underwood's appearance on tonight's Women Tell All, where he also dished on the notorious fence.
“It was when I was walking up into the Fantasy Suite by myself,” Underwood tells host Chris Harrison in the preview. “Having the time to myself … I realized I’ve been pushed pretty hard. As much as I say this was the best thing for me, it was a challenge, too, at times. I would say having that alone time and realizing I needed more of it.”
Harrison had his own take on the drama, telling GMA that he had never seen anything like it.
"I've had people go, 'I'm done,' and be pissed off," he explained, adding, "You really can't compare it to anything cause we've never had somebody truly bolt, truly get away from us, really be lost for a while, a good long while, and then try to rebuild this. It was nuts."
Underwood even live-tweeted the moment on his Twitter.
"At least y’all forgot about my virginity," he wrote. "Thanks fence."
Thanks fence, indeed.

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