Is Hannah G. The Leading Contender To Be The Next Bachelorette?

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Colton Underwood’s Bachelor finale is so close, and even though it’s exciting to think that he might be popping the question in just one week, it’s even more exciting to think that one of his runners up could be named as the next Bachelorette just as soon. Fans are starting to join teams at this point, and now that his final three are set, will it be one of the remaining women? More specifically, will Hannah G. be the 2019 Bachelorette?
After years (almost two actual decades, in fact) on the air, The Bachelor has become a pretty predictable franchise, and although the show has mixed things up in the past, it would make sense that one of the women from Colton’s season would end up with the gig. But will it be Hannah? There’s some fierce competition this season for sure — Hannah B. and Caelynn are also fan favorites when it comes to this topic — but at this point, who ABC will actually end up going with is anyone guess.
Let’s weigh Hannah’s chances, because that Bachelorette announcement is coming so soon.
She’s Been Low-Drama All Season
This is a good sign, because the Bachelorette is (ideally) someone who’s ready to find the person she’s going to spend the rest of her life with, and that means getting serious about her journey to find love. Hannah definitely seems like she can be serious when the situation warrants it — she’s proven that on the one-on-one dates she’s had with Colton all season. She’s also seemed to come out of the show without making any enemies, which says a lot about who she is as a person. It's also pretty common for the next Bachelorette to be someone who was never in contention for a 2:1 date.
She’s Got The Instagram Thing Down
She already works as a professional model, so it’s no surprise to see that Hannah G. is already popular on Instagram with a whopping 708k followers. Her feed is gorgeous to look at and full of style inspiration — so basically, you could trust her to bring it with those cocktail party gowns.
Her Hometown Date Was So Cute
Rapping at the dinner table notwithstanding (and obviously, we are all using the term “rapping” incredibly loosely here), Hannah seems to come from a close family that truly loves her, and they all seem so sweet. Getting that glimpse into her background and where her roots are makes it obvious that finding out more about who she is would be so much fun. But yes, there would probably be more rapping.
Fans Are Definitely Rooting For Her
Whether or not you choose to believe Bach showrunner Mike Fleiss’ tweets is a personal decision you should make for yourself, but he has said in the past that fan preference does help the powers that be at ABC decide who will be the franchise’s next lead. And if that’s weighing into their next decision at all, there’s been a lot of buzz about Hannah G. Tons of fans are tweeting about their desire for her to be the next Bachelorette for sure.
No matter which way it goes for Hannah G., we’ll probably find out for sure on After The Final Rose next week. Finally, all the waiting and wondering is about to be over.

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