Bachelor Colton's Parents Might Be The Reason He Gets Past That Fence Jump

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Drama runs high in some families, but it doesn't seem like Colton Underwood's family is one of those. The Bachelor's mom and dad, Donna and Scott, are divorced and remarried, but there doesn't seem to be any bad blood between them. Both Colton and his parents have been able to deal with any romantic tumult stemming from that divorce in a mature way — which bodes well if any wild drama goes down in the finale of Colton's season.
And he's certainly going to need his family's skill at handling drama when it comes to whatever makes him jump the fence. Colton boasted about his parents' strong friendship an interview with Us Weekly. "They are so happy and in love, in a new part of their life. They’re both remarried. So it’s so cool to see how they’ve dealt with that adversity and how they moved on, but they still remain friends," he said.
The two, who originally met in college, are friendly enough that they've appeared on screen together with their new partners each time Colton's brought someone home from the show. When he was on Becca's season, the Bachelorette got to meet Colton's parents and stepparents all in one go, and Colton explained a little bit about his dynamic with them. He said that he and his mom "have a great relationship" where he can tell her anything. He then described his relationship with his father as more "coach-player," but it's clear that he's still close with his dad.
And Colton has raved on Instagram about how both his parents' support has been instrumental throughout his life. In a Father's Day post, Colton praised his dad as "one of my main inspirations," adding, "Wouldn't be where I am today without his help and support!" Similarly, he wrote on Mother's Day, "Thanks for everything you do for me & all of the support over the years," alongside a snapshot of him and his mom.
The fact that they're so supportive of Colton could come in handy as the decisions get even tougher for the Bachelor. And, they're also not afraid to tell him what he needs to hear — so they could be instrumental in helping him choose from his final women. When Colton brought Hannah B. home to meet his family during a date in Denver, he said he was grateful his parents don't sugar coat things for him. "My mom and my dad are going to shoot me straight always," he said. "They're always going to give me the advice that I need whether I want to hear it or not."
And Colton's already learned one big lesson from their divorce. When Tayshia opened up about her own recent divorce, Colton explained that he knew from his own parents that you have to do what makes you happy. "I have divorced parents. I have learned that I can't be the one to judge somebody's happiness," he said, adding, "And if you weren't happy, you're making the best choice and the best decision for you — because you know what you want, you know what you deserve, and you're going to do what makes you happy from here on out."
Hopefully he can channel that advice in these last few dates to help him pick his Final Rose winner. Colton has visibly struggled these last few episodes with knowing who he wants to keep in the competition. He's unsure if everyone is there for the right reasons, and something is about to go down that will make him question everything. In the aftermath of his infamous fence jump during Fantasy Suite week, he's going to need some support.
Following Fantasy Suite week is generally when we'd see Colton's parents (or, traditionally that's how it goes at least), which would be a good time to bring them in: just in time to help him through the hardest moments of the series. If they can take a divorce and turn it into friendship, they can help Colton through this mess. And hopefully he inherited some of those skills himself because a Bachelor needs to be prepared for any romantic drama situation in these final weeks.

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