Joe Alwyn & Nicholas Hoult Broke Ryan Seacrest At The Oscars

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images.
Ryan Seacrest couldn't handle the British invasion that was Nicholas Hoult and Joe Alwyn on the Oscars red carpet. The Favourite co-stars arrived in style to the 91st Academy Awards thanks to Hoult's tuxedo-burrito hybrid of a jacket, but their interview with the E! News host elicited even more secondhand embarrassment than the planning of the 2019 Oscars itself.
It was clear Seacrest had banked on spending most of the interview talking about Alwyn's recent 28th birthday, but totally screwed up the date. Rather than Alwyn blowing out candles tonight, which is what Seacrest originally thought, his b-day celebration was actually three days ago on the 21st. There is nothing more cringe-worthy than having to walk back birthday well-wishes on live TV.
And if you thought you were going to get any details about the birthday celebration, which likely involved girlfriend Taylor Swift, think again. Alwyn couldn't even choose between the three types of hypothetical cakes offered to him by the host, resulting in another uncomfortable silence. He likes chocolate cake — not cookie cake — thank you very much!
You can't blame Seacrest for not nailing every single interview, since he's been talking to celebrities all night. However, it was almost inspiring to watch the host's robotic-like small talk break down in real time.
Luckily, Seacrest did get one good quip in that saved the interview from being an entirely awkward mess. As their forced conversation came to a stuttering end, Seacrest thanked the two actors for making him feel short, pointing out the glaring height discrepancy viewers had likely been noticing all interview. At least they ended on a laugh. Happy birthday, Joe Alwyn!

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