Grey's Anatomy Season 15, Episode 13 Recap: "I Walk The Line"

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On the latest Grey's Anatomy episode, titled "I Walk the Line," there are three fairly run-of-the-mill cases of the week — run of the mill for Grey's, of course — but the real meat of the episode revolves around Owen (Kevin McKidd), Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Britney, aka Betty (Peyton Kennedy).
It seems Britney has run away from rehab at the exact same time that her parents come looking for her. It’s not a coincidence because Britney actually called her parents from rehab, but then presumably freaked out over the pressure of seeing them. When they showed up and she was gone, the center gave them Owen and Amelia's names and number. When they arrive at the hospital, Amelia has to break the news to them that they're grandparents.
Meanwhile, the cases of the week run the gamut from super sad to kind of funny with some typical Grey's heartwrenching moments thrown in. First up is a 15-year-old kid shot at a Scottish parade. His father's bagpipe troupe floods the hospital, which is some decent comic relief, though the thrust of this storyline is addressing gun violence. Grey's has never been afraid to wade into political waters, and this storyline definitely lets various characters express their disgust that someone brought a gun to a parade, let alone fired it, even if the shooting was accidental.
Thankfully, the kid makes it through surgery with no problems, and seeing the dad’s love and worry over his son prompts Owen to confront Britney's parents about Leo. They want to take him, but Owen says if they try to do that, he'll have them arrested because he is Leo's legal guardian. They vow to fight him on this, and he redirects his anger and fear at Amelia because she told Britney's mom that she's a recovering addict, too. He thinks it's that piece of information that will get Leo taken away from him, though she rightly points out that they aren't married, so it really won't. What will take Leo away is if his mother wants him back and can prove she's responsible by showing that her parents are going to help raise their grandson. Courts nearly always side with the biological family if they can, and it is just devastating on foster/adoptive families.
Oh, this storyline is going nowhere good. This is going to be a five-hankie story when Owen ultimately loses Leo to his biological family. I'm almost crying just thinking about it. Fingers crossed that’s not where this is headed.
The second case of the week involves what everyone thinks is a polyamorous relationship between three senior citizens but is actually featured here to show Teddy (Kim Raver) how lucky she really is in the relationship department and what her life could look like going forward. You see, the "thruple" isn't actually a three-way couple at all — it's a woman and her husband plus the woman's male best friend. And it works for them.
However, Teddy has to come to these realizations on her own because at first, she's convinced the poor BFF is pining away for his best friend, prompting Dr. Tom (Greg Germann) to question if Teddy actually sees herself as the BFF on the outside looking in on Owen's relationship. But she realizes that keeping love platonic (well, platonic from here on out) might be the best course of action for her and Owen because then they can have an easy, beautiful friendship and not risk screwing that up with sex. Plus, she wants to get down with Dr. Tom and does just that at episode's end.
There is the sticking point of the male best friend lamenting the time he spent married to a "horrible woman," which left the best friends estranged for about a decade. Hopefully, this is not some kind of foreshadowing for Owen and Amelia's relationship. We definitely would not describe Amelia as a "horrible woman," but you never know with this show.
The third case of the week is a woman Maggie (Kelly McCreary) went to medical school with, a woman who bullied her mercilessly and who Maggie basically hates with the fire of 1000 suns. The woman knows it, too. But she has come to Maggie hat in hand because her aortic graft needs to be repaired and no surgeons will agree to operate on her because the risk is so great. With Meredith's suggestion of how to make the surgery a little less risky and an offer to assist, Maggie and Meredith manage to save the woman's life and come to an understanding about Meredith dating DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) at the same time.
If you'll recall, Maggie and DeLuca dated briefly back in season 12. Maggie really could not care less about MerLuca getting together, but it's nice of Meredith to have asked her. And with Maggie’s permission, Meredith lets DeLuca take her on their first date.
Odds & Ends
There's a small storyline of Bailey (Chandra Wilson) being jealous of all the attention and accolades Karev (Justin Chambers) is getting as Chief of Surgery while she's on sabbatical. She asks him to give her back her job early and he says no because he likes it, so she storms off — but not before telling him she's proud of him. Awww, Bailey. You big softie!
I wanted to give a special shout-out to the casting department for who they tapped to play Britney's parents — Jake Kane and Baby Houseman! That's Jennifer Grey of Dirty Dancing fame and Kyle Secor of, well, a ton of smaller TV roles, but most notably Jake Kane on Veronica Mars. And if you've never watched Veronica Mars, what are you waiting for because it's awesome, and it’s coming back on Hulu.
It's impressive the show seems to have decisively come to a direction in regards to Owen-Teddy-Tom. This was one particular love triangle that needed to be resolved and thank goodness they recognize the chemistry between Kim Raver and Greg Germann. Bravo, writers.

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