No Offense, But Teddy's New Grey's Anatomy Love Interest Is Way Better Than Owen

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Season 15 of Grey's Anatomy has been christened the "Season of Love" by showrunner Krista Vernoff, and it's time for Teddy to get a real love interest of her own. She's pregnant with Owen's baby, but it's pretty clear that he's not the match for her. However, Teddy's new love interest on Grey's Anatomy, Tom Koracick, could be just the one to help her put Owen on the back burner for good.
Teddy's had a rough romantic history on the show. Seasons ago she married a patient so that he could get health insurance — but she ultimately ended up falling in love with him for real. And then he died. After that, Teddy and Owen had some romantic tension — he even kissed her while still married to Amelia — but Teddy eventually moved to Germany and left Owen behind. However, in classic Owen fashion, he crashed back into her life in Germany just in time to get her pregnant and then leave to go raise his adopted baby and the child's teenaged birth mother with Amelia.
When Teddy found out she was pregnant she rushed to Seattle to tell Owen only to find he'd already created a family with Amelia. And even though Owen made it clear he wants to be in his new child's life, he also made it clear to Amelia that he's choosing her. "I don't want to do any of it without you … I need you," Owen told Amelia in a recent episode.
So, that romantic pathway for Teddy seems firmly closed off. Fortunately Koracick is way better than Owen, and he makes a solid love interest for her. Koracick originally entered the show as Amelia's mentor whom she asked to perform her brain tumor surgery. Since then, he's consulted on other cases to the point where he was granted privileges at Grey Sloan Memorial to help out when he's needed. And while Teddy doesn't need him, it's clear that she wants him.
Unlike Owen, who is stoic yet moody and easily predictable, Koracick is surprising and fun. He was willing to feed Teddy french fries in the break room while she gave herself a foot massage, and he pulls out witty lines that make her laugh. And Teddy can also hold her own against Koracick, whose biggest downfall is that he can be kind of cocky at times. After he completed Catherine's difficult spinal tumor surgery, Koracick found Teddy to brag about his skills. "You knew I had it in me all along," he told Teddy. She responded with a smile, "Honestly, I was on the fence."
It's not just fans who have picked up on the duo's chemistry, either. Kim Raver, who plays Teddy, had previously hinted to TV Line that a new person was entering Teddy's life — and it seems now that she was talking about Koracick. Raver hinted that the dynamic was "fun and funny," which is basically the opposite of Owen who is serious all the time about everything. (Remember when he stabbed a bunch of pigs, made the interns save them, and then euthanized them anyway? Dude is a lot of things, but fun is not one of them.)
Meanwhile, Koracick is the kind of doctor who plays music in his operating room and sings along out loud. Co-executive producer Elisabeth R. Finch told Entertainment Tonight that this side of Koracick is important for the Teddy storyline. "They have a really fun energy. He is so unpredictable and unexpected, and I love how that confounds Teddy and delights Teddy, and I can't wait to see more of that."
If Teddy can keep Koracick's ego in check, and he can keep things light-hearted for her, they should be golden.

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