Sorry, But There's One Huge Reason Meredith & DeLuca May Not Last On Grey's Anatomy

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Grey’s Anatomy promised that this year would prove to be the “season of love” for Meredith and so far the series has made good on that assurance. Meredith has now found herself in the middle of a love triangle, leaving many dedicated viewers pondering who she will choose at the end of the day: Link or DeLuca. But while DeLuca may seem like he has an edge on Link right now (last Thursday’s episode concluded with him and Meredith in the midst of a steamy lip lock), there’s one clue that proves Meredith won’t choose DeLuca on Grey's Anatomy when all is said and done. In general, DeLuca has proven himself to be fairly likable since he first scrubbed into Grey’s. He’s charming, attractive, and genuinely seems to care about his patients. All of these things would seem to make him an ideal partner for Meredith, and yet in these past few episodes, he’s fallen short on those standards and demonstrated why he may not actually be anything resembling endgame.
Last week’s episode spanned over an extended period of time as the Grey Sloan Memorial doctors continued to monitor a patient’s progress, starting before Christmas and lasting through Valentine’s Day. As time goes on, DeLuca becomes more and more frustrated and impatient with Meredith, who is still taking her time to figure out which man she wants to pursue — as is her right, by the way.
While I get that no one likes the idea of being strung along, DeLuca’s cold and jealous behavior is not really a great look for him. He knows Meredith’s history and everything that she’s gone through up until this point. She lost the love of her life and has three kids to think about, which is a big factor in why she doesn’t want to rush anything or take these decisions lightly. And yet that’s something DeLuca seems to be having a difficult time respecting. Perhaps deep down Meredith is aware of this, which is why she allowed Link to meet her kids and not DeLuca.
Of course, that’s not to say that he’s totally out of the running for Mer’s heart just yet. Giacomo Gianniotti, who plays DeLuca on the series, recently spoke to TV Guide and teased that the show will dive deeper into his character’s backstory in the coming weeks, allowing both viewers (and Meredith) the chance to get to know him a little better. "The next couple of episodes we'll be seeing more of DeLuca, his sister and their past," he told the outlet. "Hopefully it will create some more common ground between him and Meredith."
So it’s possible DeLuca may begin to redeem himself and show a different side of himself that isn’t saturated in jealousy, impatience, and overconfidence. As things stand, though, Link is looking like a much more appealing option. (Plus, he didn’t date her sister Maggie in the past, so he’s also got that going for him as well.)
Of course, it’s possible Meredith will decide to choose no one, given that she’s a badass doctor who doesn’t need a man in her life to be happy. But if she does end up with someone, the odds of it being DeLuca aren’t as sure as they currently look. Nobody puts Meredith in a corner, and those who try may not longer get the pleasure of her company.

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