Donald Glover's Love Life Is Astonishingly Private, But Here's What We Know

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When you’re one of the most famous people on the planet, how do you keep a low profile? That’s a problem many celebrities have tried (and oftentimes, failed) to figure out over the years, but Donald Glover appears to have cracked the code. While his name and face (and stage name, Childish Gambino) are recognizable all over the world, Donald Glover and his partner Michelle White have managed to keep their private life actually private, and that includes family and home life.
For the 61st annual Grammy Awards, Glover has managed to snag not one but an impressive five nominations for his latest music under the stage name Childish Gambino — Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Rap/Suny Performance and Best Music Video for “This is America,” and Best R&B Song for “Feels Like Summer.” While it hasn’t been confirmed that Glover is even set to attend the Grammys this year, if he does, it’s almost certain that he’s be flying solo. Though Glover and White has been together for a few years now, White has yet to appear on a red carpet with him in any capacity. Excluding some scattered paparazzi pictures, there are very few images of the couple even together.
For those wondering how Glover and White initially met, you’re out of luck because literally no one knows. The first time she was ever mentioned was back in 2016 when White was already pregnant with their first child. The two were spotted shopping in Hawaii, and she gave birth sometime in the spring. However, the birth of Glover and White's child wasn’t actually confirmed until October of that year by US Weekly. Back then, US Weekly simply referred to White as his “unidentified” partner because the couple had managed to stay that under-the-radar.
But then, fans got a tiny peek behind the curtain. Glover eventually revealed the baby’s name (and gender) in June 2017 while performing at the Governors Ball festival. Before playing his song “Baby Boy” Glover told the crowd, “This song is dedicated to everybody in this crowd and my young son, Legend.”
Later that year, Glover shared just a little morsel more. White received an actual name shout-out at the 2017 Emmy Awards, where Glover took home the Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy for Atlanta. While accepting his award, Glover said, “I want to thank Michelle, my partner, you love me even with how crazy I get. I want to thank my baby, my son, for just being the joy in my life.”
It was then that Glover announced that the couple had another baby on the way, ending with, ”I want to thank my unborn son, we’re listening to Stevie [Wonder] tonight.” The birth of this new child, a boy, was first reported in early January 2018, but the exact date — along with the boy’s name — still remain unknown.
Aside from the information about their children together, not much else is known about White. It’s believed that White and Glover are not married, as he’s only ever referred to her as his “partner” or the “mother” of his children. Though White has never spoken to the press herself about her life with Glover, he’s mentioned her a few times in interviews, during all of which he’s spoken very lovingly of her. Shortly after the birth of their second child, Glover told US Weekly that, “[Michelle] she does all the hard stuff to be honest. I haven’t really had to change anything. It’s given me another perception of what life is. It gives me a lot of context!”
So if you’re tuning into the upcoming award show in hopes of catching a glimpse of White with Glover, you’re probably out of luck. But, knowing Glover’s track record of dropping information on-stage and mid-acceptance speech, we might get another tiny sliver into his home life.

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