Who Pete Davidson & The Rest Of The Star-Studded Cast Plays In What Men Want

In 2000, Mel Gibson learned what women want — or what they want according to the Nancy Meyers movie What Women Want, that is. After Gibson's character, Nick, accidentally electrocutes himself in the bathtub, the mysteries of women's minds are revealed. Thanks to magical intervention, Nick finally comes to understand the (seemingly intuitive) fact that women co-workers want to be taken seriously at work, and that daughters want a present father.
Taraji P. Henson plays the brave woman tapped to learn what it is, exactly, that men want in the gender-flipped What Men Want, out on February 8. Will we be surprised by the takeaways?
Ultimately, we can't say what men want — we don't know quite yet. But we can reveal another mystery: Pete Davidson's role in the movie. Here's who each of the stars in What Men Want play, including Davidson.

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