Melania Trump's State Of The Union Guest Is A Very Ironic Choice

Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call.
Melania Trump, the self proclaimed “most bullied person in the world” will have a special guest seated next to her at the State of the Union address: Delaware 6th grader, Joshua Trump.
In December, Joshua’s story made headlines after his mother posted on Facebook about the bullying her son faced because of his last name.
"I had to sit down with my son and hear him tell me that he hates himself and that he feels sad all the time," she wrote.
Joshua, who is not related to the President or First Lady, was subsequently awarded a medal from the national nonprofit, Teach Anti Bullying. Bullying prevention – as part of the Be Best campaign – has been a key initiative for Melania Trump.
According to the White House, Joshua enjoys science, art, and nature, and loves animals. It's safe to assume he also loves escaping the hell pit of vipers that is the middle school experience where every day hundreds of hormone-addled tweens are dropped into a modern day gladiator's ring where they battle one another to the death for the slightest shred of self confidence and empathy.
It's cool – I'm sure President Trump, who regularly gives his political enemies coded nicknames, bragged about grabbing women by their genitals, and has inspired a generation of middle schoolers with creative new ways to taunt their classmates, will be a good example for Joshua (who, let's all remember, is just an innocent little boy who somehow found himself at the center of this whole mess because of the real enemy: adults).

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