We Should Prepare Ourselves For The Possibility That The Bachelor Chooses No One

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Colton Underwood first graced our screens as a contestant on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, and boy, did he get his heart broken. Then, he was on Bachelor In Paradise, things didn't feel quite right, and he broke Tia’s heart. Then, he was all, “I should be in charge of all of this,” and Colton became America’s newest Bachelor, searching for the one once more. But given that Colton hasn't found success via this televised process in two other scenarios, and his philosophy has been all about making sure a relationship is actually right for him, the American people have to recognize one possible scenario other than impending I Dos: that Colton ends up with no one on The Bachelor.
Becca broke Colton’s heart on The Bachelorette, but other decisions that Colton has made on the show in terms of heartbreak have come from a place of doing the right thing. See: Colton really tried things out with Tia Booth in Paradise, but he didn’t have the right feels for her and ultimately didn’t want to break her heart by drawing the relationship out. The same situation could happen on The Bachelor if Colton so chooses.
Famously a virgin, Colton has the conviction and strength of character to stick to his own guns (though, let's just quickly remember that virginity or lack thereof doesn't dictate anyone's worth, despite some comments on the Bachelor family of programs). If he didn’t let Bachelor producers force him into a relationship before this, he’s certainly not going to do it again. This is a man that was unafraid of the (unfair, rude, diminishing) stigma of being a virgin on national television. He withstood the grueling physical toll of playing in the NFL. And he dumped a Bachelor Nation sweetheart in front of millions of viewers who adored her. Do you think he’ll be intimidated into a commitment if at the end of it all he truly feels that he can't wholeheartedly dedicate himself to any of these women?
But there are some clues about his season that could betray an unconventional ending as well. In an interview with Hollywood Life, Colton described his season as “different, unique and challenging.” (Since every Bachelor fan has seen the now-infamous clip of Colton jumping over a fence in order to get away from Bachelor producers, it’s easy to see why something could be amiss in the land of love and roses.) “I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous [to see] all of it,” Colton said. “I’m excited, but the entire thing is going to bring back a lot of memories and a lot of emotions.”
Obviously, Colton is going to stay mum about how exactly his season ends, and Chris Harrison isn’t going to be much help, either. But he did, with the help of Us Weekly, shed a little more light on what to expect for the end of Colton’s season. “It was compelling to me to dive into why [Colton is a virgin], because things weren’t adding up and I don’t think things added up for a lot of people,” Harrison said. “So for him to open up and to talk about why and to let all of us in this season – which he does – is fascinating.”
Yeah, but is it fascinating enough to warrant him walking away from playing The Bachelor role of doting fiancé on After The Final Rose? Up until now, Colton has made it seem like he’s ready for love, and he seems to be playing the show's game, so his walking away from the women on The Bachelor before the season is out is pretty unlikely. And while the spoiler mongers out there have declared that there is at least some choosing going on in the end, between the teaser shots of him jumping a fence and his history on the show, a fascinatingly unconventional AFTR ending can't be entirely out of the question.

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