Zara Changed Its Logo — & People Are Confused

It isn't a secret that Zara draws inspiration from just about everywhere. In fact, because the company makes it a goal to always be faster, designers travel with a camera, pen, and paper. As it turns out the fast-fashion retailer wasn't only keeping up with what our favorite designers put on the runway but with the popular typography trends as well. Earlier this week, Zara updated its social media and website with a new cozier, curvier logo designed by Baron & Baron agency. This particular typography was first used in Harper's Bazaar in the '90s. The logo stands out among the cleaner logos that seem to be suddenly sweeping the fashion industry. It didn't take long before the customers began to share their thoughts on the brand's new look.
In their fans' defense, this is the first time Zara has changed its logo since 2010. As we saw when Celine got rid of the accent and Burberry pared down its logo, change is hard. "Can someone explain the thinking behind the new logo?" Twitter user @DakTurner asked. "I feel the first one communicated the sophistication and designer-like image the brand tries to portray." Others used the opportunity to show off their wit and humor. "The new Zara logo is a prime example of a kerning overdose," @johnluke_nyc tweeted. For the design newbies among us, kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font.
And speaking of spacing, @Pinksy noted that "Zara's new logo is making me claustrophobic," while @captl_P wrote "The new Zara logo is actually me trying to squeeze into their clothes…" Keep scrolling for more standout tweets.
Now, if you can get past the logo, Zara's new collection is really good.

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