Kids Eating Their Own "Fingers" In A New Viral Challenge Is The Definition Of Weird Flex, But Okay

I maintain that the internet has not made us any weirder, it's just made the weird things we do much more public. Case in point: TikTok users are eating their fingers. An activity that would previously have taken place in the privacy of a high school sleepover using a webcam filter has now gone viral after being discovered by Vox culture reporter, Rebecca Jennings.
"I can’t stop laughing at teens pretending to eat their own fingers to the kidz bop version of that evanescence song," she wrote on Twitter. That's it. That's the meme.
Well, actually, in the words of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, it's a little more nuanced than that. In case you aren't familiar, TikTok has become the defacto Vine 2.0 after the short-form video platform shut down in 2017. With TikTok, previously known as, the emphasis is more on how music interacts with the meme. But basically, it's just Vine, and using the nostalgic magic of a 2008-era webcam effect, a meme has been born.
Specifically, you choose the "mirror" effect when filming, and hold your index finger with the opposite hand. With the effect, it will appear as if two hands are holding a disembodied finger and when you bring it to your mouth, bite down as you take it away, making it seem as if it disappeared into your mouth. Put a little Kidz Bop "Evanescence" on in the background, and it's chomp city.
Here's what I mean:
Or like this:
Some people got creative:
You can literally do it right now from the very device you're reading this on if you want. I think we could all use a snack.

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