Sorry Harry Styles, That Face Tattoo Of You Was Fake

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UPDATE: The tattoo was a big publicity stunt after all.
Last week, a singer Kelsy Karter debuted a gruesome-looking face tattoo of Harry Styles in honor of the former One Directioners upcoming 25th birthday. Now, on his actual birthday, she's revealing that it was indeed a fake tattoo.
The briefly viral photo of her tattooed cheek was a publicity stunt for her new single "Harry," unsurprisingly named after the singer himself. Karter confirmed it was a ruse in a video on social media titled, "How I Rocked The World For $300." I'm sure he's very disappointed!
But all of this is just to say: Happy birthday to our soft, sweet boy, Harry.
Original story follows.
There's being a huge fan of Harry Styles (all of us), and then there's getting a huge face tattoo of Harry Styles (Kelsy Karter). The New Zealand-based singer debuted some new ink on Instagram in honor of the former One-Directioner's birthday, and she really did it. She really got a Harry Styles face tattoo.
Those who have followed Karter for some time won't necessarily be surprised by this development. She's been pretty vocal about her fan status regarding the "Sign Of The Times" singer, once tweeting in 2015, "@Harry_Styles needs to eff off. it's wrong how perfect he is... gahhhhh. wanna sing with him BAD."
She's consistently fawned over him since, repeatedly naming him as her dream collaborator and even planning her day around seeing him in person.
Karter kicked off 2019 by tweeting "it’s 2019 and harry Styles is still the best looking human," and even teased the tattoo earlier this month when she wrote, "Finally know what I’m getting Harry for his birthday...."
And she did it:
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mama, look what i made me do

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LA-based tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste did the deed, and has tattooed other celebs like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. He didn't immediately respond to Refinery29's request for comment on the ink, so our questions such as "Why?" and "What?" remain unanswered.
But that's not all. Today, Karter also released her new single and video titled "Harry." I wonder who it's about?*
This could all turn out to be some sort of prank, or maybe the beginning of the greatest collab in history. The only bad outcome is if...nothing...happens, because the only thing worse than a face tattoo that everyone notices is a face tattoo that no one notices.
*This story has been updated with additional reporting.

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