Everything Coming To Netflix This February

Look, I'm not saying Netflix is a living, breathing organism, but the streaming site does refresh itself constantly, shedding dead skin cells — or is it expired titles? — and replenishing with newer, more fun ones. This is why Netflix can captivate audiences for so long! The site just knows when to distract you with more content.
This February, the site is launching a load of exciting new originals. Natasha Lyonne's thrilling series Russian Doll will arrive February 1, providing viewers the first buzzy Netflix original of the year. (The show is produced by Amy Poehler and Lyonne.) The beloved show One Day at a Time will debut its third season this month, and Umbrella Academy, the talked-about series about a family of kids with mysterious superpowers, will makes its way to Netflix as well. Netflix movies are prestige this month, with André Holland appearing in the Steven Soderbergh-directed drama High Flying Bird and Jake Gyllenhaal chewing the scenery in the art horror film Velvet Buzzsaw.
With all these new titles, there is, of course, the usual crew of older titles, like About a Boy, Pretty in Pink, and Jaws.
Ahead, all the titles coming to Netflix in February.

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