13 Utterly Charming British Comedies On Netflix

Setting-wise, the new (and wildly popular) Netflix show Sex Education is about as British as it gets. The show takes place in a fictional bucolic town in the English countryside called Moordale (for the record, Sex Education is filmed in Caerlon, Wales).
While Sex Education takes place in the U.K., the show does have a considerable American influence — that explains the characters' letterman jackets, school prom, and not a single mention of A-Levels. Sex Education is like a hybrid American-British teen comedy. But Netflix is also bursting with straight-up British comedies, shows that are funny precisely because they do not borrow from American sensibilities.
Take Derry Girls, which also just dropped on Netflix, as the perfect alternative to Sex Education. Like Sex Education, this half-hour comedy centers on a group of teenage friends in high school. However, the show is grounded in the very real history of Northern Ireland. The show's ensemble grapples with the Troubles and with typical teen problems. So, if you're looking for undeniably British comedies like Derry Girls, here are the shows that will be your cup of tea.

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