If You Love AOC's Dancing, You Need To Follow This Twitter Account

Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg/Getty Images.
A right-wing attempt to smear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest congresswoman in history, by tweeting a video of her dancing in college has (predictably) backfired.
Moments after an anonymous Twitter user affiliated with QAnon posted the video it went viral... among AOC supporters. She's a really good dancer! Among the social media users who picked up on the potential of the post was Valentina @leftistthot420, who told Refinery29 that she knew "someone was gonna make an 'AOC dances to different songs' account and get 10k followers, and 10 minutes after making a joke about it, I realized, 'hey, I want 10k followers."
The resulting account, "AOC Dances To Every Song" is currently 80 tweets of pure, inject-it-directly-into-my-veins JOY and has nearly 20k followers. I just watched every single one, which include Travis Scott's "Sicko Mode," Toto's "Africa," Britney Spears' "Toxic," and, at this writer's request, Usher's "Climax" (aka the recessional song from my wedding). Thanks, Valentina!
The unfunny, unoriginal, and dumb Daily Caller even ripped off the bit with a version set to the Soviet National Anthem — which AOC actually manages to slay.
We asked Valentina what she thought of the meme's genesis as a far right dig.
"When you're looking at right-winger after right-winger being accused of sexual harassment, racism, ties to fascism, etc, it's kinda nice when the big scandal about AOC is that she danced as a college kid," she said.
Here are some of our favorites but, honestly, just watch them all — it's rare that the internet delivers something this worthwhile.

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