Reality & A Star Is Born Are Finally Colliding Into One

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures.
Is this real life, or is this just (Bradley Cooper’s) fantasy?
Just shy of the Golden Globes — for which the pop star turned actress received historic nominations this year —  a billboard with Lady Gaga’s face on it has popped up in Los Angeles. Except, it’s not exactly Gaga who is featured: It’s her Star Is Born character, Ally.
Specifically, it’s the very same billboard that Ally and Cooper’s rockstar, Jackson Maine, admire from a rooftop during a pivotal point in the film.
It’s also in the very same place. In the film, the billboard for Ally’s self-titled debut album — which earns her a Grammy for Best New Artist, heeeeyyyyy — is placed on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, just in front of the infamous Chateau Marmont. That’s where this particular billboard is in real life.
Given how many times I've heard "Shallow" on the radio this past week, this reality collision was inevitable.
Check out the billboard:
Upon realizing just how far from the shallow now we all are (this metaphor fits, right?) fans freaked out:
Not to get all Bandersnatch on you, but… is it possible that parallel universes are colliding, and that A Star Is Born is now meshing with our reality? Will Gaga have a run-in with her second self, causing a tear in the space-time continuum?
I mean, maybe. But if we are living in a world where Ally’s a flesh-and-blood recording artist, the bare minimum we need to happen is some radio play for “Hair Body Face.”

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