The Hardest Working Royal Just Put The Rest To Shame

Photo: Steve Parsons/PA Images/Getty Images.
Turns out, making headlines isn't all it takes to be a successful royal. Tim O’Donovan, writer for The Times, compiled his 39th annual list of hardest working royals, and the top name may surprise you.
While Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were all anyone could talk about in 2018 thanks to the wedding, their pregnancies, and rumored feud, Princess Anne was busy putting ? in ? the ? work?. The Queen's daughter tops the list thanks to her 447 domestic appearances and 71 outings, according to People.
Let's put that in perspective. While it seems like Prince William and Prince Harry were all over the map this past year, they only made 150 domestic events and 70 events abroad and 108 domestic appearances and 85 international appearances, respectively.
In fact, the only one that came close to Princess Anne was her older brother, Prince Charles, who had 507 total events compared to his sister's 518. The most recent royal, Markle, was understandably one of the lowest on the list, with 45 official domestic engagements and 51 international.
An additional analysis by The Telegraph found that Princess Anne also worked the most days in 2018, clocking in at 180 days — 20 days more than runner-up Prince Charles. Considering she had similar stats in 2017, we can only predict 2019 will be just as busy. And with a royal baby on the way? There's going to be a lot for Princess Anne to talk about.

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