Nancy Pelosi's Granddaughter Stole The Show At Her Swearing In

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Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi was elected today to represent the Democratic majority as Speaker of the House. She’s the first woman to hold the role and it’s her second time doing it, and while she accepted the honor with her typical poise, her granddaughter, Bella, more accurately reflected the enthusiasm in the room.
Bella! We feel you!
Pelosi won the vote today despite facing a small but vocal challenge from Democratic Representatives in November. The lesson here? Do not underestimate NDP — as Representative Hakeem Jefferies proudly dubbed her during the house vote.
The 78-year-old grandmother of 9, often criticized for not being “likable” enough, has pushed through legislation, including the Affordable Care Act, with single-minded focus and unparalleled political acumen. In her very first floor speech in 1987 Pelosi vowed to fight AIDS.
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In 2002 she was the most high-profile Democrat to vote against invading Iraq. She's pushed for human rights around the world. When Pelosi arrived first arrived in Washington there were only 23 women in the House. Today there are 102.
And now, for the second time since 2007, Nancy Pelosi is the first woman to be second in line for the Presidency.
Bella's enthusiasm was echoed by a number of a politicians as they cast their vote for Pelosi. Representative Maxine Waters said that she was "reclaiming her time" with her vote.
Representative Deb Haaland proclaimed, "As one of the first two Native American standing on the House floor, I vote for Nancy Pelosi."
And Texas Rep. Veronica Escobar declared her support for Nancy "No Wall" Pelosi, referencing the 13-day government shutdown that has pitted Pelosi against President Trump.
The best thing about this is that Pelosi let Bella be herself — loud and proud, hair a mess, velvet dress askew — and didn't tell her to be quiet or conduct herself like a "lady."
She let her act like a little girl, a proud granddaughter, and perhaps a future politician — and we loved it.

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