Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Loveis Wise.
The week begins with our first Jupiter and Neptune square of the year. When the planet of luck and expansion opposes the planet of illusion and dreams, sometimes our ambitions and goals can get away from us. Ground yourself this week by writing every ethereal thought and big idea down and circling back after getting some space. On Friday, Venus trines with Mars, creating a day of romance and joy for everyone! Even if romance isn't a focus, it’s an excellent day for collaboration and consideration. But if you feel a bit antsy on Friday, you can thank the Sun and Uranus square. This opposition can put us in a weird mood to work on ourselves. Don’t be too hard on yourself, as the new year is just beginning. The moon waxes in actionable Aries from Sunday to Monday afternoon. Right after she moves into practical Taurus until Wednesday evening, before moving into communicative Gemini that night. She stays in Gemini until Friday night, when she moves into deep feeling Cancer for all Saturday and Sunday. We’re gearing up for our first lunar eclipse of the year in Leo next week, so hold onto your hats!
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Celia Jacobs.
March 21 to April 19

Any discussion about travel plans might be more aspirational than attainable on today, Aries. The week begins with a Jupiter Neptune square. When your the planet of dreams opposes your personal planet of expansion, it’s easy to get carried away! Write down your top 5 destinations for 2019, and go after your must-sees with a realistic budget. Your ruling planet, Mars, will continue to strengthen your sign all week long. Take advantage of his fiery nature and sashay through your work with confidence. On Friday, Mars will form a sweet trine with Venus. Both single and attached Aries will enjoy harmony in their relationships, making this a day to meet up with new and old love interests. The moon, your personal planet of home and family life waxes in your sign on Sunday through Monday, giving you an extra oomph to tackle any home improvement projects.
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April 20 to May 20

Get ready to absorb some sweet energy this week, Taurus! The moon waxes through your sign from Monday afternoon to Wednesday evening. On Sunday, Jupiter and Neptune will square against each other. The opposition of these two planets will influence us to come up with some pretty big expectations of ourselves and others. But if you think that you’ve hit a goldmine, make sure to catalog your ideas for some self-editing once you’ve gained more clarity. On Friday, Mars and Venus will trine to summon harmony between your spiritual side and your significant aspirations. Mars is the planetary ruler of your more profound thoughts, while Venus helps all Taureans out. Use this weekend to feed your soul.
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Amber Vittoria.
May 21 to June 20

This week, focus on the moon’s waxing energy to help bolster your finances. If you’ve got the time to take a look back at your spending habits in 2018, you can help create better ones for the year ahead! The moon helps to guide your finances and will help you talk about what you need. She moves through your sign from Wednesday night to Friday evening. These days are great for researching what money moves to make next! Next week’s lunar eclipse in Leo will bring any flaws to light in your plan, so it’s great to be ready with all of your facts at hand.

On Sunday, watch out for anyone who makes bold claims about what they can do for you this year. Dreamy Neptune and lucky Jupiter are forming a square on this day, creating the perfect conditions for a major let down. If you can guard yourself against gullibility, you’ll be fine!
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Ariel Davis.
June 21 to July 22

This week, your ruling planet is waxing towards next week’s first lunar eclipse of the year. Prepare for the momentous occasion by checking all of your banking, as the sun is responsible for helping your cash flow. Neptune and Jupiter square off today. If you’re devising a new plan to enforce your New Year’s resolutions, make sure that it’s possible. It’s fun to get a new routine in place, but the trick to making them succeed is sticking with them. Neptune is your personal planet of good fortune, while Jupiter helps to rule health and work. Don’t let yourself slip into old bad habits because things don’t go the way that you want them to after this square! On Saturday, lovely Venus trines with intense Aries, helping you to strike a balance with your work and home lives. Take advantage of their pairing with a new time management practice! When scheduling your time, start off with the relationships you value most, and build from there.
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Lynnie Z.
July 23 to August 22

Don’t let yourself get carried away with big promises on Sunday, Leo. Neptune, the planet of dreams is squaring against Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. Everyone will be affected by this square, so it’s your job to manage your expectations of other promises. The moon waxes towards next week’s full lunar eclipse in your sign. Use this week to get in touch with your emotions and how you react to change. Remember that when something or someone leaves your life, they open up a spot for your love and attention. The sun spends his last week in Capricorn, putting your focus on work. Friday’s Venus and Mars trine will help you to find new opportunities in your current position or find a new gig. Venus is your planetary ruler of career, so let this fire inspire you, even when you’re off the clock.
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Simone Noronha.
August 23 to September 22

Today's Jupiter and Neptune square starts the week off on a weird note for you, Virgo. These two planets are known for their positive vibes, but when they oppose, things get wonky. If you’ve already binge-watched Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show, you could set your partner off by getting rid of too many sentimental things. Before cleaning out your house this Sunday, talk about what you need from your space with your loved one, and consider a storage unit in lieu of a trash bin. Jupiter rules your home and family, while Neptune is in charge of your relationships. Single Virgos should also watch going overboard on reorganization with a roommate. On Friday, the sun will square against Uranus driving your need for change. Practice meditation to calm your mind as this square passes. Friday also marks a Venus and Mars trine, forming a positive aspect between your financial planet and your planet of sexuality. It could be a great day to invest in a new sex toy!
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Sarah Mazzeti.
September 23 to October 22

If you receive a weird work email on Sunday from your company or boss, it’s safe to let it slide into Monday. The Neptune - Jupiter square will have everyone buzzing with new ideas about how to take over the world. Those “brilliant” ideas are just that, intangible thoughts. The planet of dreams is also the ruler of your health and work zones, while lucky Jupiter is your personal planet of communication. Your career planet, the moon waxes this week towards her first lunar eclipse next week. Use that building energy to anticipate what you might want to remove from your work life. Is it a trivial task that you don’t need anymore? Is it an app that doesn’t do anything for your productivity? Whatever it may be, you’ll be able to remove it next week. On Friday, your ruling planet Venus will trine with Mars, your personal planet of love. This is a great day to take your significant other out on the town or link up with a new match.
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Kelsey Wrotten.
October 23 to November 21

Neptune-Jupiter squares are a weird time for Scorpios to deal with, as you rely on facts to make your next moves. If you’ve got the suspicion that someone has no idea what they’re talking about, you’re probably going to be right. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your income, as Jupiter is your personal planet of money, while Neptune rules dreams and illusions. Single Scorpios should go out on the town on Friday when your love planet Venus trines with Mars your personal planet of health and work. You never know who could spark your interest, at the office or the gym! Partnered Scorpios should plan an outdoorsy date before temperatures drop too low. This lovely trine between your major planet can heat up some sweet action that you won’t want to miss out on. Stop staring at your reflection in your Netflix screen.
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Kissi Ussuki.
November 22 to December 21

You’ve got a beautiful mind, Sagittarius, don’t let it get away from you today. Neptune, your personal planet of home and family, will square with Jupiter, your ruling planet. These two planets of dreams and expansion can quickly go to their dark sides: expectation and illusion. On Friday, enjoy a jolt of energy at work and in your workouts thanks to a Mars and Venus trine! The planet of love and beauty helps to enhance your health and work-life. Let fiery Mars increase your zest for life going into the weekend. If you’re single, the action planet will help you to meet someone special, but you need to put yourself out there to reap the rewards! He’s passing through your fifth house of pleasure to help you take a chance on love.
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Loveis Wise.
December 22 to January 19

Book off some serious alone time this Sunday, Capricorn. Neptune, your personal planet of communication is squaring with Jupiter, your spiritual ruler. When these planets oppose each other, we tend to make grand statements to each other that we have no way of fulfilling. Instead, Take the time to work on yourself, and bounce as many ideas against the wall as you can! Just because these planets are opposing each other, doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to be learned. On Friday, Your career planet Venus trines with your personal planet of home and family. This is a great day for talking to your loved ones about your professional aspirations! It’s also an excellent time for you to create better boundaries at work with your coworkers. If you give too much of yourself to others, you won’t have anything left to give. Soak up the rest of the Sun’s shine in your first house of self this week, and celebrate your life!
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Hilda Palafox.
January 20 to February 18

You may feel misunderstood if you bring up any talk of money today, Aquarius. Neptune, your personal finance planet is squaring against Jupiter, so keep your wits about you while these planets oppose each other. On Friday, your ruling planet Uranus squares against the sun, your personal planet of love. If you’re in a relationship, you may have some intense conversations about how you want to move forward. The Mars and Venus trine on the same day should even it out, as trines bring harmony. Your personal planet of health and work waxes this week, so enjoy building a foundation of good habits to help you through to the next.
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Rachel Jo.
February 19 to March 20

Avoid falling into traps today, Pisces. Your ruling planet Neptune will square against Jupiter, your personal planet of career. 2018 was a year of working as much as you physically could, and you’re dying to see results. Don’t let your ambitions get to your head — let this uncomfortable energy pass. You’ve got big plans building! The moon, your personal planet of creativity is waxing this week. Make sure that if you’ve got the next big idea lined up that you’ve got it written down and are talking everyone’s ear off about it. On Friday, your money planet Mars trines with Venus, helping you to rake in your earnings.

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