Letitia Wright Just Took One Of 2018's Biggest Honors

Photo: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images.
T’Challa may have been crowned King of Wakanda in Black Panther, but Shuri, aka Letitia Wright, was just crowned queen of the box office. According to Fandango, Wright is the highest box-office-earning actor of 2018, raking in $1.55 billion.
Wright has appeared in a number of TV shows over the years, but her performance this year as the tech-savvy Wakandan princess in Black Panther served as her breakout role. She also played key roles in some of 2018’s other hit movies, including Avengers: Infinity War, Ready Player One, and The Commuter.
Despite her obvious star power, though, Wright says that her bank account has yet to reflect the box office earnings. “Dope dope. Just deposit that amount into my bank account,” Wright tweeted when Fandango tweeted the news. Cue the record scratch.
Forbes backed up Wright’s statement that box office earnings don’t necessarily translate to cold, hard cash in actors’ pockets. In fact, the publication’s annual ranking found that none of Fandango’s top-earning actors, which also include Wright’s Black Panther co-stars Chadwick Boseman and Danai Gurira, were the highest-paid actors of 2018. Instead of Wright being ranked No. 1 on that list, George Clooney nabbed the top spot.
If you’re racking your brain wondering how Clooney is the highest paid actor of 2018, you’re not alone. The actor did not appear in a single film this year, according to IMDb. Instead, Clooney pulled in the dough through the sale of his tequila company, Casamigos, in addition to endorsement earnings and royalties from older movies.
Nonetheless, Wright has still snagged an incredible honor, and hopefully someday soon her net worth will reflect it. In the meantime, someone get this woman an endorsement deal, stat.

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