Has The Kardashian Influence Finally Reached the Super Bowl?

Photo: Erika Goldring/WireImage.
The half-time Super Bowl performance may be the sole reason that many people (including myself) tune into the annual sports program. But this year, finding a performer willing to rally behind a controversial institution such as the National Football League, has proved difficult.
With less than six weeks before the big toss-the-ball event, only Maroon 5 has publicly committed to performing. But everyone knows that it takes more than just one band or singer to really bring home this kind of over-the-top extravaganza — and no one else wants the job. Last night, the Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote that the celebrity "shortage" is starting to leave the league in a state of crisis. The New Yorker questioned, one day ago, if Maroon 5 should perform at all.
But now, TMZ is reporting that the Travis Scott has signed on to perform with the pop group in February, and his decision proves that the Kardashian influence is real. The site also writes that Kylie Jenner will be his "plus one." (You only get a plus one when you're performing at the Super Bowl?) Where there's a Kris Jenner, there's a way.
Now, the question remains: Will this new development change the mood for the rest of Hollywood? Cardi B and Amy Schumer are among the celebrities who have declined to participate in the event — live, and in advertisements. Will Rihanna have some words with her ex-collaborator after hearing the news? Scott makes no mention of the performance in his Rolling Stone cover, out today, but he did extend his Astroworld tour for spring 2019, as if he was prepping himself for an influx of new fans.
Refinery29 has reached out to Scott and the NFL for comment/confirmation.

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