Brie Larson Is Not Ready For Marvel Fame

Photo: JB Lacroix/WireImage.
There’s no way that Brie Larson could ever fly under the radar. As the titular character in Marvel’s first-ever woman-led superhero flick, Captain Marvel, she’s about to be skyrocketed into a whole new level of fame. But though she has been in the entertainment game since her preteens (and scored an Oscar for Room), she’s not so sure she’s ready for the whole world to watch her.
During Refinery29’s visit to the Captain Marvel set, Larson revealed that she’s still can’t quite figure out how to manage the world’s expectations.
“It definitely is scary to think of people paying attention to me,” Larson admits to journalists during the visit. “I’m not gonna act super-strong when I’ve been kind of freaking out seeing how quickly my numbers on Instagram have been going up since Avengers: Infinity War came out… I’ve been sort of like, ‘Oh God, I did not think about that. Um, like why are people paying attention to me?’ I really just feel the same. I do feel like just a person. And so it’s a weird feeling when people on the outside view you differently.”
Though Larson may not love having all eyes on her, she’s certainly doing things to which the world should pay attention. The actress, who previously called for more female and female-identifying filmmakers in Hollywood, recently came out and shared how she is pushing for inclusion during her Captain Marvel press tour.
"On the Captain Marvel press tour, I'll be pushing for representation across the board: my interviews, magazine covers, the clothes that I'm wearing," Larson told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview.
Social media can be a scary place, and fame is no joke to navigate — but Larson seems to be handling things just fine. Marvelously, even.

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