This Video Is A Reminder That Weed & Wokeness Go Hand In Hand

produced by Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez; photographed by Tayler Smith.
High Herstory, a brand from Mercury Road Media co-founders Annette Mia Flores, Jenny Joslin, and Kendall Watkins, made headlines last year for its video series of the same name. Each episode depicted women getting stoned and telling the stories of noteworthy women in history — kind of like Drunk History, but with less slurring and way more praise for Josephine Baker.
"With High Herstory’s video content, we hope to show examples of women consuming cannabis as a norm, as we’ve observed it in real life," Flores tells Refinery29, adding that she still encounters women who feel uncomfortable speaking about their cannabis use.
Now, the High Herstory team is back in a new video made in collaboration with cannabis delivery service Nugg to promote the Nasty Woman Game from Clarkson Potter and feminist design platform Shrill Society. With this video, the brand has cemented its reputation as the brand for driven, informed women who use cannabis. Consider it proof that getting high and trash-talking the patriarchy is makes for a pretty perfect "girls' night in" — and it's as woke as it is hilarious.
The Nasty Woman Game itself closely resembles Cards Against Humanity's fill-in-the-blank structure, but, with prompts like, "A cat-caller told you to smile, so you told him to [blank]," plus "action cards" that allow players to "attack the mansplainer," it's perfectly clear who the target demographic is. If you roll your eyes at every manspreader on the train and keep regular tabs on RBG's well-being, this is the game for you.
If you still need convincing, give High Herstory's video a watch — you'll see for yourself what sorts of conversations this game can spark. The direction given to the High Herstory "girl gang," as Flores calls the video's cast, was the same as what you'll find on the game's box: "Say what you really think." And, as you'll see in the video, they took that instruction to heart.
Between bong hits, this gathering of stylish stoners exchanges witticisms on topics ranging from what their Spice Girl name would be to whether Trump's ideal wall will feature glory holes.
"Our goal was to create not only a beautiful space but one where truthful, honest conversation could flow freely," Flores says. "Just how you feel when you finally arrive at your best friend’s house and can get to the real talk." And, as far as Flores is concerned, adding some high-quality cannabis to the mix will only enhance and deepen that real talk.
The Nasty Woman Game is available for purchase here. Watch the full video below.
Refinery29 in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws.

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