Dallas Police Officer Who Shot & Killed Botham Jean Indicted On Murder Charge

Photo: Courtesy of Botham Jean's Facebook.
Photo: Courtesy of Kaufman County Jail.
A former Dallas police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man in his home has been indicted on a charge of murder.
The officer, Amber Guyger, was off-duty and in uniform on September 6 when she encountered Jean in the apartment complex where they both lived. In an arrest warrant affidavit, Guyger explained that when she opened the door to what she thought was her own apartment she saw the figure of a man and fired two shots. She claims it was only when she turned on the lights and dialed 911 that she realized she had mistakenly entered Botham Jean’s apartment instead of her own residence. Jean died from his wounds.
Guyger was arrested on September 9 and later fired from the Dallas Police Department.
Jean’s family, who filed a suit against the Dallas PD, said that Guyger had a history of violence and that she used excessive force on the night of the killing. They had hoped she would be indicted on murder charges.

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