There's A Secret Bodyguard & GoT Connection That You Missed

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Spoilers ahead for Bodyguard and Game of Thrones.
Richard Madden revealed in a video interview with British GQ that Bodyguard, Netflix's British hit, and Game of Thrones have more in common than just Richard Madden. Madden may have starred in both, but there's another actor connection. Tom Brooke played Andy Apsted, David's veteran buddy, in Bodyguard — and he also played Lothar Frey in Game of Thrones.
Lothar Frey is important only because he happened to be one of the perpetrator's of the Red Wedding, one of Game of Thrones' most horrific twists. At Robb Stark's wedding in season 3, the Freys collectively turn the wedding into a bloodbath. That is how Robb himself dies. It's also how Talisa Stark, Robb's pregnant wife, dies. And who killed Talisa Stark? Lothar Frey did, right after he stabbed the growing baby in her stomach. (It's called the Red Wedding for a reason.)
Brooke's Bodyguard character isn't much better. In one of the show's most iconic tense sequences, David investigates a sniper, only to discover that the sniper is his friend Andy.
"You've got to finish the job," a somber Andy tells David. "Someone's got to stop her. Get it done." Then, Andy kills himself. Tom Brooke, you have a type!
Watch the full interview with Madden for British GQ, below.
Now, watch the Red Wedding and the big reveal of Andy in Bodyguard:

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