Could The Thanksgiving Moon Make Your Visit Home More Pleasant?

produced by Julie Borowsky; photographed by Rochelle Brock; modeled by Tess Mayer.
The full moon may be around the corner (it will reach its peak this Friday at 12:39 a.m. EST), but first there's one lunar phase and national holiday to get through first. Not only is this Thursday Thanksgiving, it's also the last night of the month that will see the waxing gibbous moon.
Technically speaking, the moon is considered a waxing gibbous in the days between its first quarter and full phases. Spiritually, it's associated with growth and personal development, as all waxing phases are. According to astrologer and medium Natalie Kuna's site, the waxing gibbous moon is a particularly good time to seek out more of what you need in your life, be it good company or wealth.
What a coincidence, then, that Thanksgiving night will see the waxing gibbous moon for the last time until December. Whether you're traveling to see your family or working throughout the holiday weekend, you can harness the moon's energy to work for you.
If you're dreading spending hours upon hours with your family, the waxing gibbous' connection to personal development will come in handy. Reflect on what you'd like your relationship with your relatives to look like — then make a plan that will help bring your ideal vision to life. You might not get to that point this year, but, if you practice patience and maintain an open mind now, you just might be on better (or at least easier) terms with your extended family by Thanksgiving 2019. The first step is to identify where you think your relationships can grow then allow the moon's expansive energy to fuel your generous spirit.
On the other hand, if work and everyday tasks will keep you busy over the holiday, concentrate on what you need more of in your life to feel comfortable. The waxing gibbous moon can be a great time to work toward something intangible yet spiritually satisfying, but it's also a period in which you can get down to brass tacks and ask yourself how happy you really are in terms of the resources you have access to and the safety net you've created for yourself. If you face those difficult questions and realize you could be doing more to make yourself feel comfortable, start drafting a to-do list that will help you reach the level of security that you desire.
Whatever it is that your Thanksgiving will entail, know that leaning into the waxing gibbous moon's influence may make your life run a little more smoothly. Again, doing so won't make you accomplish your long-term goals in an instant, but it will get you in a properly positive mindset to tackle your challenges head-on.

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